Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foto Friday

I forget how I originally found this photo on the University of Arizona site. I suppose there are even better ones available, but I find it amazing to see both the earth and moon from Mars in the same picture. In case you wondered, that is why can call ourselves the Blue Planet.

It's Easter weekend and to our delight the A-Team is coming home from the Left Coast. That's Althegal and moi, last June in BC. She's a sweetie.

Day 1

Here's another butterfly photo, the third that I've posted from our trip to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory several years ago. At least I recognize this one: a Monarch. This is one photo that benefits from a larger view.

Orange on Orange

The Bonnie Wee One turned eleven months old this week. This is Nikki Dee on her birthday, wearing the dress that we took Mom's pictures in thirty-five years ago (second photo below, a black and white that I tinted last year. I should go back and redo the skin tones, but I'm pleased enough with the rest of the job.)

Eleven Months Old

Wk2 Coloring a Photo


Ruth said...

Have a great weekend with your family. The dress doesn't look 35 years old. Nice to have the two pictures.

JunieRose2005 said...

Beautiful pictures of the 2 little girls!

And what a good looking couple at the top!! :)

Also love the butterfly picture!

Happy Easter to you and your family!


Pearl said...

Definite family resemblance.

Happy Easter.

Ginnie said...

Happy Easter, you and yours. Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you all!
The pictures are lovely and the butterfly makes me think of the summer! :o)

Granny said...

Cuppa posted a set as well but you probably already know that. They're both lovely and I can't believe it's been almost a year since she arrived.

Glad you're able to pick up the fiddle once again.

Have a wonderful visit with family and a Happy Easter to all.

Coll said...

The photo of the earth and the moon is breath taking... how marvellous.
And too is the beautiful monarch.
And the wee lasses.
There is much to be thankful for on this Easter Weekend. Wishing you and your family all the best.

megz_mum said...

Happy Easter! And Mum and baby certainly look alike!

Lorna said...

I've been skipping you on my blogroll lately because I showed you as last posting March 8th---then I thought, what a long time ago! and checked and now I'm caught up. Great pictures, both the people and the still lifes.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

All best for Easter. That poor little girl having to wear her mother's "hand-me-downs". :)

Janet said...

That is a gorgeous and I'm sure handmade dress. Miss Baby is definitely her beautiful mother's child, isn't she?

Cathy said...

I saw those precious Nikki Dee photos over at Cuppa's.

PS. I actually saw the moon/Mars conjunction with my naked eyes. Unbelievable.