Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heritage Photos

Quite some time ago I posted when I thought was our oldest photo of my Great Great Grandmother Drew on my mother's side. In poring over the photo album while doing the grampa series recently, I noticed the photos below, also of Great Great Grandparents, and I think these take the prize.

Both of the gentlemen below are Henry Brooks; the seated one is my Great Great Grandfather, born in 1815. He was father to Elizabeth whose photo I showed you recently, and I post again to the left. That photo was taken when Elizabeth was 75 years old in 1923, so it would seem that the two photos below were taken in the nineteenth century. Son Henry was born ~1835.

The Brooks Family

The next photo shows Henry's wife, Ann (nee Ann Gifford in ~1818) and his daughter, Caroline (~1847).

The Brooks Family


Judy said...

I love old photos.

They say so much, without actually saying anything at all.

Donna said...

I think I would have loved the long dresses in that time period. All little girls Love to "flounce" when they walk!!lol
Have a happy day!

Pearl said...

wow, what a bit of history to treasure. Can you see family members who resemble one of the ancestors uncannily?

KGMom said...

What treasures these old old photos are. Some people have no idea what their ancestors look like. . .and you can look back 3 or more generations. Wow.

Coll said...

I find these old photos such an intriguing glimpse into another time.