Friday, March 14, 2008

Foto Friday

Let's begin with Unohoo. Cuppa posted a version of this photo yesterday, but here's the same photo of HerRoyalCuteness cropped more closely and converted to black and white.

New Dress

Here's an old family photo. That's Cuppa and I ... Seriously, it's my grandfather and grandmother with my father, circa 1920 I'd say. It's not a good photo; for that reason and the fact that there are so many scratches etc, I haven't tried to repair it aside from lightening it to make it more visible. Why this picture then? well, it may be the only one of the three of them together. There are precious few anyway.

Grandparents and Dad

This is hockey-mad country, partly because we're in Canada, partly because we have a major team, and partly because it's a very good team. Down on the highway through town, there is a rink, with Canadian flags, a Senators (our team) banner, a chair in which to watch the supposed game, and a snow sculpture of the Stanley Cup (awarded to the playoff champions). I'm surprised there's no case of Molson lying there.

I posted a butterfly picture last week and decided to add this one, also taken at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory in 2004. I cannot begin to name these wonderful creatures, but that's okay. I had just gotten my DSLR at the time and was enjoying playing with it; it's now obsolete. :(


Thinking of spring: back in Sarnia, I had a fairly nice garden. This is what it looked like (in spring 2004), I think. I managed to get a decent photo wit both the daffodils and tulips in bloom at the same time. The ground Phlox made a splendid covering. I don't garden in our present location. Perhaps I will return to the hobby someday, but I have no concrete plans — just concrete soil. :)

Backyard Garden


Coll said...

Oh A/C.. her "HerRoyalCuteness" is indeed royally cute.. how truly adorable. She is looking more like a little girl everyday. You are one very lucky grandpa. :-)

The photo of the skating rink has CANADA written all over it.

And your garden in Sarnia.. wow.. very lovely. You have inspired me to consider Phlox as a ground cover this year. I am assuming it is an annual. I will be off to research it shortly.

Ginnie said...

That's quite an array of photos, AC. If you can produce such a lovely garden I'm sure you'll go back to it someday.
PS: are you still "fiddlin'"??

Donna said...

What Wonderful pictures! And that butterfly! Beautiful! Have a great weekend!hugs

Anonymous said...


That baby girl is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen!! Look at those little hands and all that hair!! :)

She should be a model for a baby doll- for some artist!! I'm serious!!


Keep thinking spring!! It WILL come!


Bonita said...

Absolutely precious, her Royal Cuteness. I love her haircut.

Cathy said...

Well. I guess that puts a smile on all our winter-weary faces: " Her Royal Cuteness " I guess so :0)

(Don't let that concrete soil do you in. Just put in raised beds)

Lorna said...

I was in the house with the Molsons when you went by.

Janet said...

Her Royal Cuteness is right. What a beautiful child.
I am SO jealous of your phlox! I can get daffodils and tulips (I plant bulbs every fall), but I have about 2 hours of full sun per day on the north side of the mountain. Not much wants to grow in dense shade.