Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tough Day

What a day! After driving home yesterday (and it was a nice drive even if I did drive by lots of good photo ops), I didn't sleep well or much last night. And today I paid. And I made some bad decisions which caused to pay even more dearly than necessary.

To wit: we just had a new Wal-Mart open up, the kind with the full-fledged grocery store. And we needed groceries, so I thought to try out the new place. Folks: don't try out new grocery stores when you're so dog-tired that you can barely shuffle your feet.

And shuffle I did, back and forth and forth and back looking for items. After umpteen of these shuffle-abouts which yielded most of my items save wheat bran, I finally found a clerk to ask the whereabouts of this item. After explaining as best I could what wheat bran was, he looked about where I had looked and then called in more expert help. After explaining to the more expert clerk about wheat bran, she looked in all of the same places. To no avail.

So, off I went to usual grocery store to obtain wheat bran. And, of course, I arrived home grumpy. And decided to take a nap.

I don't nap often. I can't even remember the last time I napped. It other words, in wasn't recently. But don't you know that the phone soon rang anyway.

So, it's nice to have some reminders of a nice weekend at the cottage. Here are two photos. They are both by the mighty Crowe River but from different spots,; the first looks south and the second north.


Ruth said...

Walmarts make me grumpy before I even walk in the door. I'd much rather be by the Crowe River!

Pam said...

Wal-Mart makes me grumpy, too. I'll take the Crowe River any day! Hope you are rested and chipper.

ChrisB said...

We have the first Asda-Walmart store (first taken over by Walmart in the UK) I am not a fan and rarely go there as staff are not very helpful~ no make that not knowledgeable about where to find things and not knowing what is stocked.

The river is much more soothing on the nerves.

Pearl said...

I got into the antique photos too. And lovely looking river and third, unrelated thought, your header image has a typo in the link address so it doesn't point to the main page.

Ginnie said...

I was always one to shun shopping in Walmarts...but I have to give them credit for their pro-active stance on selling drugs. They provide generics for $4 each and it has helped so many low income people. I know this from my volunteer work in our Free Care's been a God-send.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

By the sound of it you are one of those counter culture types, "anti Walmart! I sometimes get panic attacks in Walmart and large malls.
So much so, after over an hour's drive to get there I end up walking in one door and right out another and back to my quiet river side life.

Being tired and stressed can't help in trying to find your way around those "no service stores."

KGMom said...

Well, AC, sounds like you've learned your lesson. Never go to a Walmart. No qualifiers.
Kidding, of course. The choice is always up to you.
I for one do NOT go to Walmarts--just on principle.
You are so right about not shopping in unfamiliar territory when you are tired or are looking for things.
I recently tried out a new Wegmans here--everyone had been raving. Me? I was not overwhelmed. So I will stayed with tried and true.
And, don't even get me started on helpful store clerks not knowing what's in their stores.

coll said...

I tend to avoid Walmart as much as possible. There is just something about that store that makes one shuffle, like it or not. :-)

Love the pictures of Crowe River. What a lovely spot.

Gina said...

Until they allow their workers to unionize (maybe it is different in Canada) I will never shop at Wal-Mart.

But I'm sorry for all your unnecessary schlepping.

Cathy said...

There are days I'd rather not eat than have to schlep down those endless aisles.