Saturday, November 03, 2007

Spasm-odically Yours

I was supposed to be out fiddling with some folk today, but have decided to stay home and spend some quality time with some visiting back spasms instead. I can't point to doing anything to have cause the spasms; they just seem to want to drop in on me unannounced about twice a year — much to my consternation. Sometimes, said spasms are relatively mild and only hang about for a few days. Let's hope this is one of those mercifully short and not-too-painful times.

So, with Cuppa having forsaken this invalid to go shopping with daughter and grand, I spent some quality time reading on the floor with a heating pad on my back before tracking down two small bags of chips left over from Halloween to comfort me in my infirm loneliness. And now I have decided to visit yall, which doesn't do too much good on a weekend which are slack times for bloggers.

Below are more pictures from yesterday's visit to Burnstown. They were all (both posts) taken with Cuppa's little, portable point-and-shoot as opposed to my blunderbuss. I seems to have a love-hate relationship with both cameras.I like mine for quality and hers for portability ... but the reverse also applies — mine is clunky and hers doesn't produce the same quality.

Nevertheless, I was quite happy with yesterday's results.


Ruth said...

I like the photos very much. Perhaps you should go for some craniosacral therapy.;-) This physiotherapist does Pilates and sits on a big balance ball when back spasms strike. (But I did go for craniosacral therapy once.)Hope you are up and running soon.

thailandchani said...

I especially like the bottom picture! It reminds me of a movie I saw once called Fried Green Tomatoes.

A good massage would probably take care of your back spasms. Ugh! It sounds horribly painful!

Feel better soon!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I remember back spasms. I used to get them a lot before I discovered I had a stress fracture in my lower back due to one leg shorter than the other. They only come back when I lift things badly or neglect to wear my orthopaedic shoes, remaking the stress fracture.

The pain does let you know you are alive! Time to rest a while.

Gina said...

You and I are in the same boat, my friend! I have been having back spasms for the past two days, although thank the stars I haven't been laid out flat. I can move carefully around. This time, though, the heating pad and laying with my knees propped up on pillows made it much worse. Go figure.

mreddie said...

I do feel for you with the back spasms - mine ended with surgery last December 29th. Still have twinges when I get tired or from overuse but not from the same spot. Enjoyed the photos. ec

Coll said...

I love how the deep blue sky is such a great backdrop for the fall colours. Beautiful photos.

Hope you back is better. It is not much fun being house bound when others are out and about.