Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Little Right and and a Little Wrong

Last Sunday, Theboy put snow tires on his car and volunteered to do mine. Says I to Theboy, "No, it's too early."

Wrong: we've since had a fairly major storm (for November). unfortunately, I have negotiate a fair drive later today — sans snow tires.

In the Woods Today

On Tuesday, we arrived home late in the afternoon but decided to clear out the garage anyway. There wasn't much left to do: take the bikes downstairs and put some stuff up in the rafters.

Right: because the car (Harriet the Chariot) spent her first night in about seven months in the garage, and it snowed that night for the first time (apart from three isolated flakes days earlier).

On Thursday night we enjoyed (yeah sure) our first major winter dumping.

Right: Harriet was back in garage all snug and safe.

On Friday my in-laws drove the bad roads from Toronto (partly because they were smart enough to purchase and install new snow tires).

Right on: because they're not just relatives but friends.

On Saturday morning there was still plenty of snow, and it was still falling — gently by then.

Right: I was able to go for a walk and photo shoot in the woods with my BIL and niece. In the freshly fallen snow. Me with two wonderful relatives friends. Taking pictures.

Happiness Is ...

Right on: and this is a pretty good result, doncha think?

Frost Berries

Wrong: as nice and pretty as the snow is, it's rather early for our street to look like this. I mean, it's still officially autumn. Sure it is.

It's Only November

Now, it's almost 1:00 AM, and I have a big day tomorrow, so I'm going to bed.



Ginger said...

What great photos, AC! You sure have a knack for picture-taking. Of course, the area has to cooperate by being gorgeous, as well, which it seems it has.

A safe trip to you. Wish those snow-tires were on...

Heather said...

Lovely pics!

We've only gotten a light sprinkling of snow so far. Still waiting for the skies to dump. Fortunately, the car has already made its way into the garage.

Catherine said...

I started out reading this post thinking "and THAT'S why I'm on vacation in San Diego" and ended up thinking "and THAT'S why I live in the midwest." Thanks for getting me a little excited for winter. catherine

Ruth said...

You are going to have to change that fall template sooner rather than later. Lovely winter pictures. What a good looking couple!

sare said...

Juncle! We had such a great time in your neck of the woods - thanks for giving me a Christmas in Canada... the roast of christmas past. Mmmmmm.

Much love ... Sneice xox

Pearl said...

Too early I agree but pretty I agree. Pretty little berries. We got our snow tires on just in time.

Cathy said...

Gosh. That almost makes me look forward to snow. "Almost".

Lovely pictures. Lovely people.

Lorna said...

snow, schmow---I need your niece's boots.

Pam said...

Beautiful photos, AC, they have such clarity. I particularly like the berries. I also like the one of your lovely niece and BIL in the snowy woods. I'll take her bag and his hat, thank you!

PJ said...

Love the snow pics! We've had only a dusting. Not even enough to qualify as snow.

Ginnie said... I know I'm getting old. I get cold just viewing those great pictures. We had rain today, thank goodness, but still it remains in the 60's. I guess I'm getting to be a wimp.

mreddie said...

Great photos!! I find myself a little jealous - we can't even get rain, much less snow. ec

coll said...

No matter how much I dread the winter.. there is still something special about the first snowfall. Lovely photos.