Saturday, December 23, 2006

Photos from Christmas Part I

Christmas Part II is beginning to unfold. The turkey is roasting in the oven and beginning to permeate the house with its aroma. Cuppa put it in the oven this morning. I helped with what I could by chopping up various items such as the dried bread for the stuffing, but the lady is in control in her highly organized and efficient fashion. As I have said previously, in order to make Christmas Day more relaxing and pleasant, we pre-cook the turkey a day or two before and heat it up on Christmas Day. I highly recommend this method and assure you that no flavour is lost by cooking it ahead of time, or if it is we sure can't tell.

As we finished, I told Cuppa that I wanted to post more Christmas Part I photos before Part II transpired. (You may recall that we celebrated Christmas last weekend when Puff and Bug were home, but we have left the stockings and turkey for the 25th.) Of course, as soon as I mentioned the photos to Cuppa, she clamoured that she wanted some photos for her blog too. Naturally. So you'll remember to check there too, won't you?

So, I slightly processed eighteen photos and uploaded them to my Flickr account (you can view them all there) and then grabbed some of them to post below. It's been pleasant sitting here and doing that while listening to Christmas music from my iPod (on speakers). I have 182 Christmas songs uploaded, and there are a few more albums to process if I get around to it. Does that seem like enough to you? Can you tell that I like Christmas?

In a while, I'll go out and procure our annual burger and fries. I don't know when we started this tradition exactly, but for years we have done this on the day that we cook the turkey. Back in Sarnia, I chose Burger King for this meal, but since there are none in this town, I chose Harvey's (a Canadian chain) last year. However, there's another independent place in town that I think I'll try this year. Supposedly, they serve fries from freshly cut potatoes, and they're supposed to be rather good.

I'll try to post one more time and to visit many of your blogs, but in case things go awry, I'll take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas now. It's odd but rather grand that we all got connected like this, but I'm glad that we did.

Oh, some of the photos are from Butterfly's birthday. The two celebrations pretty well ran together.

Christmas 2
Christmas 14
Christmas 1
Christmas 7
Christmas 11
Christmas 12
Christmas 15
Christmas 4


luna pie said...

Great pictures Juncle! Its so good to see familiar faces. I wish you a very happy christmas!!!

Love, Sarah xo

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you & Cuppa, AC. Great photos! (Was that a Coca Cola tuk-tuk you got for Christmas?)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. what happy pictures!! Wishing you much more happiness as the Season continues to unfold.
I love the idea of pre-cooking the turkey. I may take that with me.
p.s. I over heard a Christmas elf... I think I maybe getting an iPod under the tree. I am sooo excited. :-)

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Mary said...

i absoltely LOVE those pictures!

i miss you all so so much!

merry christmas.

Ginnie said...

Wonderful pictures. You look very content playing the violin. Can't stay long as I'm going to check out Cuppa's blog...but I do want to say that I enjoy our blog relationship very much and hope to keep up with you and yours in 2007.
Happy days to you all. Ginnie

PBS said...

Those are wonderful holiday photos, thanks for sharing them with us! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Gina said...

I think I like the one where it appears you have thrown a bunch of wrapping paper into the air?

Merry Christmas to you and Cuppa, as well as all of your family.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your family has fun wherever you go and whatever you do. I am so happy for you.

Holiday hugs,

-epm said...

Super photos! Everyone looks happy and festive. The lighting is really good... no hard shadows. Was this with fash or natural light?

Good tip on the turkey. I haven't cooked the bird that far in advance (a day or two) but I have finished cooking the bird hours before serving and then just warmed it up at serving time. You can never get the bird to come out of the oven piping hot and ready to eat right on time for serving anyway, so I gave up trying. And as you pointed out, there is no loss of flavor. One might argue it tasts even better after sitting for several hours!

Thanks for letting us peek into your happy family time.

Leann said...

and one day the lion will lay down with the the pic,s.God bless you and yours.and merry christmas eve.