Saturday, September 16, 2006

Writing With Writely

It seems that more than one blogger has recently had trouble losing a post or two. To prevent this, many of us write our posts in a word processor and then copy and paste it into Blogger. I have recently experimented a little more with Writely, the online word processor that I mentioned last month. One of its options is to post directly to Blogger. It seems to work pretty well, even carrying formatting such as italics and font changes with it. The one problem with direct posting is that it doesn't port the title over to Blogger (strange since both are Google products -- but Writely wasn't initially developed by Google -- but neither was Blogger for that matter) The other minor problem to me is that I often use en dashes and/or em dashes ( – and — ) which won't post directly. I have to copy and paste that code or enter it myself. But that even happens within Blogger if I happen to switch from the Edit Html View to Code View; I find that ever so annoying.

Caveats aside. I find Writely to be a pretty attractive choice for creating and posting blogs ... as I have just done.

(As with most Google offerings [God bless Google], Writely is free.)


Lynn said...

I gave Writerly a shot. The first thing I noticed was that it did not post the titles. I also couldn't get it to replicate the current font and size on my blog. I read where they will make that an automatic option in one of its next versions.

However, what is strange is that for the past few days when I have linked your blog via Bloglines, I have been pointed to an old entry. I didn't notice until today. When I got to your blog today, I did a refresh of the browser and the new posts appeared. I'm not saying it has anything to do with Writerly though.

There is a ghost in Blogland somewhere.

Gina said...

I went over when you first recommended it and balked when I saw you had to register.

But, if AC writes twice about it, I just may have to reconsider.

Dale said...

I have to agree with Gina. If AC recommends it, it must be OK. And Writely so. I have yet to lose a post though.

Granny said...

I signed up with Writely and then forgot about it. I'll have to give it a try with posting. I liked what little I did with it.

methatiam said...

I still prefer Outlook for writing and copy/paste. I've done HTML so so long that U just add the code as I type and then past it into EDIT HTML.
I'm a geek - tell the world.