Friday, September 01, 2006

Reluctant Rider, Reticent Riter

That's been me this summer. We'll have a few weeks when we get out biking fairly regularly but then before you know it we spend a month on the sidelines. The weather gets too hot or too windy or rainy; visitors come for a visit; or, we'll head off on one little trip or another. So, intervals between both rides and blogs soon become rather protracted.

But we finally climbed back onto the saddles this week. We've been out three times. Yesterday, we did our longest ride of the year 33k/2mi up to Almonte and back. I think we're getting better at navigating the constant grades of the local undulating topography. We're learning to gear up and down a lot and perhaps make better use of downhill momentum to get a good start on the next upslope.

The grade below, however, is the worst. Going down as I am in this photo is pretty wonderful but pedalling back up is a whole other story let me tell ya.

Yesterday, we found a new (for us) spot by the banks of the river. A friendly older couple and their dogs were there at first. They were so friendly that they almost apologized for not being able to have us strangers over for lunch that day. That's the Old Town Hall in the background to the left of Cuppa.

The writing (blogging) also continues to be both sparse and sporadic. Will the season change that actuality, or is it to become my new reality? Time will tell.


Madcap said...

I haven't ridden a bike for years and years. You're leading me into temptation, but I'm remembering the sore butt syndrome. I hear they have much better seats in these giddy modern time, though, eh?

The very nice man said...

My gorram bike doesn't even know what I look like anymore!
If I would bike, I'm sure I would lose some weight but can I be arsed??? Nooooo!!
Mind you, we don't have all that lovely countryside here in England!
That's my excuse and I stick to it!
Nice post, nice pictures!

P.S.: You feature somewhat in my latest post and can maybe help!??

Heather Plett said...

We've had such an incredible summer for biking this year. Since I started biking to work in April, there hasn't been a single day I couldn't bike because of bad weather. Now and then it's a little windy or drizzly, but never enough to deter me. But then, I don't have to navigate the hills you've got!

Gina said...

Well, let's hope some cycling leads to the flowing of the creative juices, not the cessation!

Sarah Elaine said...

You may as well get out and enjoy the nice weather while it's here. When it is -30 out there, I'm guessing you'll rather be inside blogging! ;-)

Dale said...

When the mood strikes you, you'll write, I expect. If not, we'll simply wait until you do. Enjoy the last few days of summer, friend. It'll be a long time gone.

Anonymous said...

My goodness.. just thinking about cycling UP that grade had me holding my breath. But I can certainly see the fun in the coast down :-).

Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

Up is bad, not riding much this year, myself, is bad.

Anvil is good.