Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trips and Tricks

It's been quite unexpected. Last year, it wasn't until April that we began to get out regularly on the bicycles. I expected to be later here, not earlier, but we've been out in each of the last two days. Although it is still morning, the outdoors is already beckoning today, and tomorrow is predicted to be nice as well. Oh, the trails are still too snowy and mushy, but the roads are fine.

I'm not sure if we'll cycle as far or as frequently here because this area isn't quite as splendid for biking as our previous home, but opportunities still exist. Our normal ride back in Sarnia was 30 kilometres, but we only did a little more than 15 klicks yesterday, and that felt like enough: possibly because it's early in the season, or perhaps because there's no natural stop, rest and turn-around point — at least not in yesterday's direction.

We wondered how our legs would stand up to line dancing last night after biking for two straight days after a long and fairly sedentary winter, but we did fine: perhaps because we have also been doing a bit more walking lately. I dance better on some nights that others. Last night, I felt more rhythmic than I sometimes do and felt the music pretty well for me.

One lady observed a great contrast between Cuppa and me. She noted that Cuppa was beaming and smiling all through the dance, but I was looking very serious and sombre. That's more or less a chronic look with me. If I'm not expressly joking or laughing, I tend to look serious. However, I was really having a wonderful time last night and beaming with pleasure on the inside. In fact, I had a blast. I found myself humming along to some songs, whistling to others, and singing to some. I don't know if anyone hears me over the music and the sound of feet. But, what the heck: it's okay if they do and okay if they don't.

Cuppa and I still don't do couple's dancing very well. With line dancing, you learn the routines, so you always know what to do next, but we don't really know how to properly do regular dancing. We manage to get around the floor in our own way, but it would be nice to do better. So, last night, I asked one of the guys who seems to dance pretty well, if he would ask Cuppa to dance some on Thursday night. She tends to pick it up quickly and could then try to teach me some of the steps.

It seems that he will be happy to oblige: said he doesn't quite know whether to approach married women as it seems to bother some guys. However, he now knows that it's fine with me for him to waltz Cuppa.

Here we are, approaching sixty, and starting to learn how to dance. You can teach old dogs new tricks after all.


Bonita said...

You've got spring fever - dancing, singing, biking. Now, I do dance, but generally in my kitchen, when no one is around.

Gina said...

I think Hubba-hubba and I dance together the same way. Not exactly a prescribed "dance" just sort of shuffling along!

I think it would be wonderful fun to learn how to slow dance properly.

Watch out Ballroom Dancing, here comes AC!

Simply Coll said...

This sounds like such a lovely time.

I love to dance and so does Hubby.. years ago we took western dancing lessons and learned the two step.. lots of fun!!

megz_mum said...

Isn't it funny! Our weather is finally cool enough to start riding again while yours is getting warm enough to do so!

Granny said...

If you can do it, there may be hope for me yet.

Lora said...

You give me hope. I really enjoy dancing and hope that someday I'll get my husband to give it an attempt. Perhaps line dancing would be a good starting place, when he's ready.

Also, I'm very glad to hear you are already getting out your bikes.