Friday, March 03, 2006

A Conversation ...

... between two adults fast approaching sixty although it sounds like they should be closer to ninety.


Cuppa: I wonder where that stone house of Fran's is? Can you place a house by a bridge? What bridge is it do you think?

AC: Huh? Who's Fran?

Cuppa: She's the woman we were talking to at the dance.

AC: I thought her name was Doreen?

Cuppa: No, the other one, the one at the door: Fran.

AC: Fran?

Cuppa: The one with the stone house by a bridge. Can you place where it is?

AC: Fran?

Cuppa: You know, the gray-haired lady we were talking to at the door?

AC: Oh, that's Fran? She's Gerald's woman.

Cuppa: Oh, is that who he is? I don't remember names very well.

AC: You remembered hers.

Cuppa: Who's?

AC: Fran's!!

Cuppa: Who? Who's Trends?

AC: Fran, you silly, the one we were just talking about.

Cue the laugh track and enjoy the release of many endorphins.

AC: We'll have to drive by.

Cuppa: Where?

AC: The bridge.

Cuppa: Why?

AC: To see if we can find Fran's house!!

An even greater, right from the gut, deep and wonderful laughter and the release of gazillions of jolly endorphins.



Anonymous said...

my goodness!

Granny said...

That sounds so like us.

Christi said...

You guys sound like you were really, really following each other in that conversation!

Turtle Guy said...

Oh boy... a friend of mine had a saying for conversations like that... not sure I want to repeat it here though! Yah, I'll just keep it to myself for now.

Iona said...

HA! Yup, conversations like that crack me up! Hilarious!

Wash Lady said...

We had one of those conversations just a little while ago. Sometimes you just gotta laugh about it.

nux said...


Chelsea said...

This sounds much like some dialogue in the play I just directed. Are you closet playwrites?