Friday, March 31, 2006

An Even Odder Duck

It's agreed then; the consensus seems to be that I am, indeed, An Odd Duck. In my defence and goodness knows but I need one, I think I'm more weird than out-and-out compulsive. I mean to say that when I do publish a blog at 11:37, say, I don't feel compelled (or is it compulsed) to log back in and change it. And I don't really do the balancing of the right and left sides all that much — just whenever the mood strikes. But I will accept that I may be somewhat compulsive and perhaps more than a little weird.

For example: I wear prescription glasses, have since I was about 16 as a matter of fact — except that I don't really wear them. I am not wearing them as I sit here now. I don't wear them when I'm reading, and I don't often wear them when I'm watching the telly. I do wear them when I'm driving because the law deems that I must. But I also am quick to remove them at the slightest provocation. They come off the moment that I come in to the house. When I sit down at a restaurant, they normally come right off — if I haven't already remembered to leave them in the car that is.

To me, glasses are an irksome bit of nuisance. Oh, when I was teaching, I'd leave them on. I found it helpful to see the expressions on their cute little faces — helpful as a gauge but not always helpful to my ego. I even managed, better than many it seems, to be able to handle the nuances of dealing with progressive lenses, at least in that context — usually, but not always. Frequently, when I was required to get down to their desks to squint at something on a map, I would remove my glasses, saying something like, "I can't see with these stupid glasses on." Invariably, they would find that humourous although I have no idea why. The other day, something possessed me to wear them into the grocery store but trying to read labels on shelves through the most appropriate part of the progressive lenses was so frustrating that I soon pocketed them.

Then there's watches. I have three fine, old watches, which I very much like. But not enough to wear them. The first, was a present from my parents back in 1967 when I went away to university. Cuppa had it refurbished about ten years ago for an anniversary present. I very much like and appreciate it, but I seldom wear it. I also have my Uncle Charlie's watch that is even older, I suppose. I tend to grab that one if I feel that I really must keep track of the time if I'm out and about. I also have Uncle Charlie's 25th anniversary watch from Eatons, a famous Canadian department store that was eventually mismanaged out of existence. It is engraved as such and is Rolex-made, believe it or not. I love having it, but I don't wear it. I think I last wore it at Butterfly's wedding two years ago. If I do wear a watch, I am likely to slip it onto the gearshift handle when I'm driving. It just irritates me — the watch, I mean. And if I wear it into a restaurant, it almost always joins my spectacles on the table beside me, and Cuppa will be forced to remind me to gather all of my accoutrements when it is time to depart.

Finally, for now, there is the sad story of my wedding ring. Yes, gasp, I don't wear it either. Not regularly anyhow, for it also throws off my fine and sensitive balance. Lately, I have tried to make an effort to wear it when I think of it, but that doesn't include around the house, and I usually don't remember to slip it on if I go out. I do feel a little badly and guilty about the ring, for I'm very married and very devoted to the lady of my life. Fortunately, she is not an insecure person and realizes that my disinclination to wear my ring represents no statement other than that I'm a pretty weird fellow.

But really now. I'm not the only one with weird proclivities. Who is going to step up to the plate and expose theirs? It really doesn't hurt to go public you know — much.

PS: Please notice the time of this post. I didn't fiddle with it; that's the real time. It's even better than a time ending in a zero. It's just so doggone even.


Bonita said...

My secret is that I spend only a couple of days a week creating blog entries, which I then post over a couple of days running, one after another. I hold them in draft until I need them. That way, I can spend huge amounts of time doing other things, working in the yard, and not 'worry' about having something to post. It is a matter of organization and not being tied down to a blogging routine. After all, here, if there is sunshine, you want to be out in it!

wthenrest said...

I have done that when a topic actually strikes me, but I am way to nonscheduled to do that on a regular basis. Which brings me to my quirk, shall we say. I hate schedules...and what is the business world and especially the rat race based on. Hmmmm I am in trouble. Not to say I CAN'T schedule...I just really hate it. I know people who now me would find that shocking because A) I am always busy and B) I always have about a million things on the go. Like I said it isn't that I can't, I just rather not. I am sure there are far more weird things about me, but you can't expose all at once.

Norma said...

I wear my glasses. Sometimes I sleep with them on--just in case something interesting happens I'll be ready. And I see you and your dog share a certain, hmm, facial expression.

madcapmum said...

You just like it cuz it's a palindromic number!

Neither my husband nor I wears our wedding ring. They've been sitting in the box for pretty much the whole marriage. He can't wear his to work because of safety concerns, and I could never leave mine alone, always fussing with it. True confessions of an incorrigible fidget.

Gina said...

Hubba-hubba also does not wear his ring to work either for safety reason, and thus forgets to wear it practically all the time.

As for confessions, you already know about my "no shoes in the house" rule. And the pants for immediate family members. That's probably about as bad as it gets.

Heather said...

Okay, here's mine... I have this little quirk when I settle down to sleep. I start out lying on my back, and then when I'm just about ready to drift off into dreamland, I roll over onto my left side. If I try any other way, I can't get myself to sleep. AND if anyone is touching me while I'm trying to fall asleep, there's no way I'll fall asleep. Nope, no spooning for ME. I don't mind a little cuddling beforehand (or let your imagination fill in the blanks) but when it's time for sleep, not even a toe can be touching me.

PBS said...

Huh, I wrote a comment here. Maybe I put it on a previous post or something. I just tap out blog posts quickly, early in the morning while getting ready for work. I never pay any attention what time it is when I hit "post" just am happy that I got it all written before I had to leave for work! Lately I've READ other blogs and commented while at blog, though. Bad, bad, bad!

PBS said...

Not "at blog" it should be
"at work! Ha ha ha, what a funny typo THAT was!

Simply Coll said...

No matter where I am going.. I am always a half an hour early. This has come to annoy me greatly. I must have this hidden fear of being late so always compensate by being early. My fellow co-workers set their clocks by my arrival. I am trying to work on this :-).

kathy said...

I'm so wierd anvilcloud! i love to eat raw ginger. i crave it. throughout the day i nibble on it.
if my lap dog isn't in my lap im cuddling a pillow.
i always sit in the back row...whether its a movie theater or a place of meeting and i always know where the exit door is. I hate elevators and will avoid them if possible. okay one more...i have a bad habit of staring at people.

Darlene said...

In your defense, it means that you're not obsessive-compulsive :)

I've got a long list of things I could relate that are similar... maybe that means we pay more attention to detail? (C'mon, everybody. Defend us more!)

Love the new look on your site, so enticing and refreshing. Welcome to spring!

Elizabeth said...

I certainly empathize with the feeling about wearing glasses, watches and rings. None of which I wear continually either. As to the watch, I can usually get by just fine without one and so rarely wear it. The glasses, though I have needed them since 10th grade, still I find sometimes especially close work is easier without them...I HATE how my eyes keep changing...age is not fun and the things I LOVE doing, for the most part, is close work. Nothing works like the original equipment, no matter what technology has accomplished I suppose...

Granny said...

I went glasses free until the last ten years or so and now I'm hopeless without them. Bifocals, yet but I've discovered I can use the strongest over the counter glasses for the computer and save the horrid crick in my neck. They aren't legal everywhere but they are here in CA.

We wear our rings. Ray was never married until we married when he was almost 50 and he's still impressed by the whole thing.

No other jewelry for me though except earrings - one in each ear. I hate anything around my neck or wrist.

acp said...

Don't know if this fits your balanced timestamps, but it IS unusual or odd:

"On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

And that won't ever happen again."

oshee said...

acp I love that! I love dates that work like that. I may actually wait up just to see I suppose that is a bit...odd of me.

Karla said...
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Karla said...

I have a strange quirk with my wedding band and engagement ring. Whether or not I wear them depends on how I am feeling. You see, when I am feeling at loss, struggling, sad, etc…I develop a painful rash under my wedding rings. It first starts out itchy, then it gets red, bubbles, and eventually burns and starts to peel.

If I am content however, I can wear my rings for weeks with no adverse effects.

All in my head? I don’t know. I can’t explain it.

My other strange quirk is that wherever I must sit, I try and position myself so that I am facing everyone, not looking out a window. This was particularly true when in meetings. Even if I am Tim’s, I have to sit facing people, not a window. I like being able to see everything that is going on around me. I get antsy if my back is a door or people are around me and I can’t see what’s going on.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

"On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.
And that won't ever happen again."

until 01:02:03 04/05/06.(3006)

I'm still going to send it on..LOL

Quirks? Too many to list. Always sit facing the doors, know your exits, keep one folder and purse with all i.d. and keys by back door in case of fire, never take wedding rings off, bad luck....

When I broke the tip of my ring finger they had to cut the ring off and I was mad at the mate for not running right out to get it fixed for me.

He knew I was his and didn't think it was that big a deal when I would mention it.

I finally burst into tears one morning and when he asked what was wrong (and in his head I hear "besides your hormones?") I told him he didn't love me anymore because he let me run around with no wedding ring.

It was back from the Jewler's in two days.

Christi said...

My hubby has to be looking at everyone when sitting, too.

I don't find you strange at all. Of course, this is coming from someone who has all of the same quirks as you do and more. Not only do I have to touch everything with both hands, and do the touch the cracks thing w/both feet, but I have to chew even amounts on both sides of my mouth, blow each nostril the same amount of time and with the same force, take even numbers of steps on each foot, etc, etc. I don't want one side to be bigger, stronger, more worn out than the other! It drives me INSANE that my left side is bigger than my right, and that my shoes are always a tiny bit tighter on that side! I also count, and everything MUST be in odds. This is such an obsession that it is the main reason I'm pregnant again, b/c two kids just didn't sit right w/me. If I have twins, then I feel for my hubby, b/c we'll have to have five kids!

I could go on, but I'm sure you have to go take some more glorious pics of flowers now or something...

Dee said...

Little quirks? I have many. One of mine is that I cannot fall asleep unless I read first. Even if it is just a few paragraphs, I have to read something. I chew only on one side. There is no way I can chew on the other side of my mouth. I have tried it. I cannot just sit and watch t.v. or a movie. I have to be doing something else. I find it too boring just to sit and watch it the whole way thu. My kids are amazed that I can be on the computer and tell them what is going on in the movie they are watching. If I am really interested in the movie, I quilt or sew while watching it. I am one of the ones who has to read while in the bathroom......shall I go on about my quirks? LOL

My husband does not wear his ring either. I am not worried. He loves me and I know it. My aunt never owned a ring til her 30th anniversary. She was married during the depression. Rings really do not mean that much when you think of it. They can always take them off.

Dee said...

Speaking of people with quirks, my youngest will not sit with her back to a door....ever. She hates it.

itsboopchile said...

I am enjoying learning that so many people have so many pet peeves.
Me, too. I have too many.
But, I am writing just to tell you that after (actually before) we celebrated our 60th anniversary we had to replace our rings. Dean got a beautiful, wide, Black Hills gold one, and I got a bunch of diamonds on a band, after all those years not being able to find the tiny diamond in the first ring. These rings will outlive us now.
And the glasses. When I discovered I didn't need glasses to read the computer, after needing glasses for everything almost all my life, the doctor asked if I wanted computer glasses.
Good grief, why buy glasses to see, when you see better without them!!! Sometimes I think they lie away at night to think of ways to make you part with your money, in their favor!!!
That goes for anyone selling something!!
First reading and I enjoyed it.

See you, Betty G