Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rick Mercer is Blogging

Canadian readers might like to know that Rick Mercer has a blog, called strangely enough, Rick Mercer's Blog. He's the irreverent and comedic star of Monday Report who doesn't seemed thrilled about the program's move to Tuesday. I still fondly recall his Talking to Americans and even got some mileage out of it in my last year of teaching. What I like about this endeavour, aside from the writer himself, is that he is just using Blogger/Blogspot and fumbling his way like the rest of us. He has refrained from hiring template designers, using expensive software, and setting up his own domain. Not that there's anything wrong with those things, but this modest foray into blogdom is just sooo Canadian ... eh?

Don't worry folks, despite the last few posts, I can't see Raindrops ever becoming a news blog. I think that I just happened to come across three newsy items that seemed worth sharing.



Dale said...

News or not, AC. "Raindrops" is always a good read. Hope your back's feeling better. Have you seen a chiropractor?

Oh and I hope you don't wear socks with sandals. Hmmm... Have we been down that road before?

kathy said...

I like reading always have interesting reads no matter what it is.