Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mississippi Heat in The Great White North

Talk about hot!

Yesterday morning, Cuppa and I decided to walk down to the river to peruse the little Farmer's Market. Drenched in sweat, we did make it as far as the river but reneged on venturing further along to the spot where they hold the Saturday market. We made a futile effort to sit on a shady bench to cool off before walking home, but hordes of mosquitoes quickly moved in for the kill, so we quickly moved on.

It was only in the low thirties here (high eighties Fahrenheit), but the humidity was so high that it felt more like low forties (low hundreds Fahrenheit). Frankly, I don't know how those of you who are southerners stand it. Having said that, I am sure that we become somewhat acclimatized, for I have met southerners in Canada who were wearing jackets when I was wearing a T-shirt.

Friends of Butterfly and The Boy took us all out on Lake Mississippi on their pontoon boat. It was quite lovely on the lake, but as soon as we hit the shore for a picnic supper at their cottage, the sweltering resumed and the mosquitoes descended yet again. We drenched ourselves in insect repellent, sat very still, and eventually began to feel more comfortable. As darkness descended we boarded the pontoon for a most pleasant trip back home.

Above and below are evening photos of Lake Mississippi, taken from the cottage.



Iona said...

Sounds like you had a great time, despite the mosquitos. Low-thirties? Wow, we had half of that! 15C, windy and thunderstorms today. I just blogged about it... I'm so jealous of your weather! Can't you send some of it this way?

swamp4me said...

I just finished my workout and was thinking to myself how pleasant it was that the temps were only in the mid to upper 80s...guess it's all just a matter of what you're used to :)

For me, anything less than about 74 F is chilly. For my husband, anything above 74 F is hot. Both natives of the same state, both outdoor types -- go figure!

blue2go said...

We had it hot here too, 84 degrees F at my Mom's and 75 up here by the lake. Way too hot and muggy for this northerner!

Lora said...

Beautiful pictures as always.

Your weather is almost as hot as what we're experiencing in Austin, TX.

Having spent a few years in the land of real winters (Rochester, NY) and a year in the land of no winter, I can tell you that it quickly becomes normal. People in the South are very proud of their ability to take the heat and humidity, just as People in the North are proud of their ability to take handle the snow and cold.