Saturday, June 11, 2005

Not Meant To Be

Some things just aren't meant to be. These things frustrate us at the time, but they are good, nevertheless, because they provide amusement in retrospect.

Butterfly and The Boy were all dressed and ready to go out last night when she suggested that I take a picture. It's amazing how such a simple request can become so problematic so quickly.

I hadn't used my camera for a while. Pictures that I have been posting lately have been taken on Cuppa's portable, little Elph. As things turned out, so is the above photo.

Plan A Fails : Thinking that I might get a better background outside, I posed the couple in front of a large bush. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! It was so incredibly hot and humid outside that my lens fogged right up. I grabbed a kleenex and wiped, but the lens kept fogging faster than I could wipe. Not only that, but the kleenex left all sorts of lint residue all over my lens. In an effort to deal with both the fog and the lint, I started wiping with my shirt, but the lens continued to fog. Unfortunately, by this time, the mosquitoes had tracked my fine scent and were swarming me unmercifully. Meanwhile, the couple was already running late, so we switched to plan B.

Plan B Fails: Back in the house, I fired a couple of shots, looked at the results, and scratched my head. The flash had fired, but the colouring was terrible, and the photos were blurry. Thought I: "Ah ha! The batteries are failing. There is enough juice to fire the flash but not enough for full power." Take a moment; switch batteries; no result. As I stood staring at my camera perplexedly, Cuppa whipped out her little Elph, took a couple of shots. The couple departed whilst I was still scratching my noggin.

It was only then that I had the presence of mind to recheck the batteries. Sure enough, I had put one in the wrong way! Having made the correction and taken the time to clean the lens properly, I took a few experimental pictures, and everything worked fine. Far too late for the shot that I had wanted, but it's always good to figure out what really happened and to know that you're not going completely crazy.

Sometimes, things are just not meant to be.



Lora said...

I'm amazed it worked at all with a battery in the wrong way! Turns out that Cuppa got a very nice picture of them anyway.

Wash Lady said...

I know I will not be the only one to say this but that is a BEAUTIFUL picture of the two of them, regardless which camera was used.
Wow - look how much she glows :) And him too :)

blue2go said...

That's a really sweet picture of the two of them!

Christi said...

I had no idea that cameras worked with the battery in wrong! I'm in complete doesn't take much these days, you know!

Iona said...

Very annoying. I would freak out when that would happen. Glad at least things worked out with the camera. And thankfully Cuppa got a nice shot.

Karla said...

Such a beautiful couple indeed!

I was amazed to learn that low battery juice caused my digital camera to act up. It takes SECONDS for the photo to snap, and often wont bring the photo into focus.

I'm shocked as well that your camera works when the battery isnt in right.