Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I'm is a bit of a mind-numbing stasis today. I'm uncertain about what to do next regarding my CD burner woes (see yesterday). Do I try to roll my system way back? Do I go for a complete re-install (heaven forfend)? Do I pay for a Computer Doctor to make a house call? I can't quite come to grips with this. I need my computer to do the things that I like to do, so I really don't want to take it in somewhere and have it sit for days ... or weeks.

In my uncertainty, I dither a lot and don't accomplish much.

While the question festers and my stasis persists, about all that I have been able to do is to read blogs, particularly Life's Laundry. I have already written to Wash Lady and told that her writing flows like a mighty river. You might want to have a peek. Me and women: love 'em; love their blogs — the way they think and express themselves.

So, here's another female blog for you. Iona of The Netherlands writes Circles and Squares. Her main thrust is photography. From what some of you have said about my photos, I thought you might like to check out the better work on Circles and Squares.

Speaking of photos, and not having much else to speak about today, I posted a few in draft mode (for days like this) before we left the country — chickadees, of course. Here's one of them.

A wind-blown little bird


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Wash Lady said...

Thank you for such nice words. I've never been mentioned in someone's blog but it sure does feel good.

Does this mean that I am famous now? LOL

Here's wishing you resolution w/ your CD burner.
Computers....who needs em? (NOT!)