Sunday, February 13, 2005

Joy By Surprise

However marvellous it is to have some eagerly anticipated event unfold well, the serendipitous occurrences of little surprises certainly adds spice and joy to life. These surprises needn't be gigantic or numerous: just a dash of spice. We were treated to a number of these spicy, little surprises yesterday.

Surprise One: Actually, for me at least, the little delights began of Friday evening. When we last went out to the show, with critical reviews to back me up, I cajoled my wife into seeing Neverland rather than her preferred Shall We Dance? I had no interest in seeing Richard Gere dance, but nevertheless Neverland proved a disappointment, and I fail to understand why it has had bestowed upon it various accolades and Oscar nods.

When Cuppa finally had her way and brought Shall We Dance? home. I resigned myself to the vexation that surely lay ahead. I was surprised by delight! It was a wonderful, light, enjoyable, feel good, entertaining story. It also proves that it is quite possible to make a good movie without unnecessary foul language or gratuitous sex. While it is true that sex always holds a certain allure to we hornier than thou males, I must confess to finding most Hollywood depictions to be generally unwarranted, sometimes preposterous, and almost always tediously unstimulating.

Surprise Two: the weather which had been forecast to be dull and, perhaps, drizzly, chose to smile upon us. Once again, for the second consecutive Saturday, the sun came to warm and bless. Covered by only light winter apparel, we once again repaired for a most pleasant walk in the park to be greeted by the smiles of similarly blessed, winter-spent, Canadians.

Surprise Three: While on our walk we rounded a bend to chance upon the sight of two fire engines parked by the Lake with lights flashing. When we detoured to satisfy our voyeuristic curiosities, we saw two teenaged boys way out there on the edge of the ice and the firemen preparing to rescue them. Well, they didn't need rescuing, were merely being adventurous, and 911 had probably just been summoned by an overly concerned passer-by. I don't pretend that this was actually a exhilarating highpoint, but it was an interesting little diversion, and it did cause us to pause in gratitude that we hadn't stumbled upon a calamitous event.

Surprise Four: The grocery store, which is usually packed on a Saturday afternoon, was comparatively empty. We were able to do our shopping and proceed through the checkout with a minimum of fuss, muss, and bother. Another small blessing.

Surprise Five: This biggest and best surprise of all was that when we finally got home, it was still light enough and warm enough (at 4°C/39°F) to consider getting out our bicycles for the first time this year. We limited ourselves to a short pedal around the neighbourhood, only about 4k (2.5 miles), but it felt good to get out, good to kiss the promise of sunny, warm days to come: days of riding the trail in our light summers clothes and drinking Tim's coffee at the end of the trail and also drinking in the sight of the incredibly blue water of Lake Huron.

The last event that I mention is merely the remembrance of a felicity that occurred last year, almost exactly a year, almost to the very day. We were visiting D2 at her university when she proposed that we drive to the botanical gardens. We did and owing to the time of year gained free access and stumbled upon the most glorious little greenhouse replete with blooming spring bulbs of all colours, shapes, and sizes.

The fragrance of hyacinths drenched the air in an impossible fragrance, the like of which I have never before experienced. We stood like fools with mouths agape and eyes wide with astonished wonderment. The colours were wonderful too, but the scent ... ah, the scent. I can almost breathe it again now when I think upon it. Intoxicatingly delightful.

Whether it is a planned event or a serendipitous and spontaneous occurrence, I hope that you may be touched by the visitation of some small blessing today. They are out there you know, all around us really. Sometimes, we simply need fresh eyes with which to seem them. Sometimes, we need to deliberately and consciously exchange our jaded filters for those rose-coloured spectacles that so many, in their folly, deride.

Hyacinths: Botanical Gardens, February 2004.



Butterfly said...

This is one of my favourite pictures of yours. It's on my desktop at work.

Cuppa said...

Oh, I can smell the wondreful fragrance of that room again too. MMMMMMM

Iona said...

Great picture, very intense colors! Like Cuppa, I could almost smell the hyacints!

I have a few flower pictures, have you ever seen those? They're not *that* great, because all the pictures were taken before I got interested in photography. Hehe.

Here's the link;

Wash Lady said...

THAT is a beautiful picture.
Yes - I've been blessed by a little surprise today. Too private to share - but wonderful, nonetheless :)