Friday, February 25, 2005

Email Trial

I have decided to post an email link in the sidebar although anybody who already emails me might as well continue to use the address that you already have.

I took several precautions. One: I began a new email account — one that I won't use for any other purpose and can easily shut down if necessary. Two: I used a javascript application to attempt to hide the address from sp_am_b_ots. Those tricksy little bots roam the web searching out addresses for the those nasty creeps who wish to fill your Inbox with unsolicited emails.

The javascript is designed to make your address viewable and clickable for somebody in your site but to hide it from the bots. I got mine at Steve Dawson's site. You don't have to know anything about javascript at all. Just grab the code and plug it into whatever spot you wish on your web/blog page.

I decided to do this because I needed to share my email address with another blogger yesterday. That necessitated going into my profile and enabling it to show my address. Afterward, I went back and turned it back off. Hopefully, this will prove to me a useful and adequate compromise.

Speaking of new emails accounts. If you need one to do something like this, I have quite a few gmail invitations to give away, even though I didn't use one of them for my address.

Feel free to give me shout, whether you want a gmail account or not.



-epm said...


Blogspot does something similar, but not as deconstructive as this, when posting your email address on your profile page. However, having an email link right in your sidebar is a nice touch.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog from...someone. I forget who. I've been clicking around the blogosphere today, looking for new material. :) I really enjoy your writing, and I look forward to coming and reading more!