Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Pissy Day

Not to fear. I'm not having one of my Black Cloud Days (like here) — I really don't have them very often, you know. Nevertheless, it was what I term A Pissy Day.

Back in the country, one of my goals had been to get all of my files backed-up onto CDs. For some reason, presumably a hardware failure, this simple delight was denied me as my burner threw one hissy fit after another. Each time it would tease me by appearing to begin the process, but it would eventually chew up and spit out another CD for me to toss into the bin.

Once home, I decided to try my portable CD burner. If it worked, then I'd know for sure that my burner problems were due to a hardware failure, and that my expensive extended warranty would pay off. It did work — exactly once! Then, it behaved just like the internal burner.

I have removed programs, reinstalled programs, retried both burners —over and over — and it just ain't workin'.

Afternoon: okay, fugedabud da burner. Let's go for a walk in The Wetlands Preserve. Bad choice! Not enough people have walked the pathways since the last snow to render them very navigable. We were forced to trudge single-file, looking down every step of the way for the best possible footing. Pretty pissy walk that — especially after Riverwood.

Suppertime: Cuppa forgets to turn the stove on to bake one regular and one sweet potato. But Anvilcloud wanders into the kitchen about twenty minutes later, notices the problem, corrects the problem. After almost two months away, however, dumbass Anvilcloud forgets a certain peculiarity of our dumbass oven. It requires two manipulations to turn it on. One: set the temperature dial. Two: turn the oven on via a separate switch. It's the only oven that I have ever been intimate with that works that way — and I simply forgot.

While supper wasn't cooking, I was notified by an alert reader that my blog template was falling apart in that silly browser that people are wont to use: Internet Explorer. Okay: find the problem; fix the template.

While I'm at it, let's try to fix another slight problem that I have been seeing but avoiding — a few extra pixels repeating at the right edge of the content section — in Internet Explorer — naturally. I amend the coding on every large photo that I've ever posted. It's a slow process folks. Go back, open each pertinent blog, repair, republish. Didn't work!

After supper: Cuppa turns on the dishwasher, and we go our separate ways to bang our heads on the walls of our choice. Shoulda waited. Shoulda waited for the dishwasher to drain all over the kitchen floor before seeping into the basement. Then, we could have just banged our heads once and been done with it.

However, for optimists there's a bit of an upside to banging your head against the wall — even twice in one day: it feels so good when you stop. That's the best thing about a Pissy Day too. It eventually comes to an end!

I may not be a brother of the cornhuskers, but at the end of a day like this, I can join them in saying, "To-morrow is a day." (Carl Sandburg)



Donna said...

Anvilcould, I found you via Mel's blog, and so glad I did. I love your writing. You get the Pissy Day award, no doubt! Hope they don't come about too often ;O)

Iona said...

Well, that sounded like a bad day alright! Worse than mine anyway. Hope tomorrow will be better for you! Good luck.

Karla said...

ok...our eerie similarities are starting to freak me out. (At least with your stove your forget to turn it on, I forget to turn mine OFF). But the dishwasher mishap is too much. My dishwaher also decided to act up on Tuesday night and burn plastic! It caused the most revolting smell I have ever smelled. (And uncovered a heart arrythmia problem in my baby...but that's a whole other story) ;-)