Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Parting Shot

This blog almost takes on different personas (for want of a better word) at different times. For a while, like an old record player, my needle seemed to get stuck on Lessons from the Saddle, we have since moved onto into a plethora of autumn photos.

After the last photo of the trail in the woods, I thought that I was done, but we went for a little walk in the gloaming before supper. Due to the time of day, and the nature of our quest — to try to spot a deer — we kept to the fields rather than the forest. Of course, the deer were most uncooperative — they have been doing that well lately — but I did find a few subjects worth photographing. One of which I present to you, dear blog addict.

Despite the old saying that "pictures don't lie," they do. They lie very much, and sometimes that's good. The sky that I saw this evening was beautiful but it was lighter and bluer than the version that you see in this photo. One of my pictures did turn out a little more realistically, assuming that my eyes see things realistically, but I like this one better. The foreground is darker, well I guess the whole thing is darker, but it's much more dramatic, and for my money, or at least for my blogging time, it's a better photo.

I hope that you like it too.



-epm said...

Another great shot...

It's always a breath of fresh air coming to your blog.


K-Squared said...

Your lovely autumn photos make me sorta homesick