Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Autumn Pics

I did bemoan the lack of good photo-ops yesterday, but I do have a few that I have taken recently. Except for the last, they speak for themselves. The final photo is a reflection in the river.

It's cloudy this morning, and the rain is scheduled to begin this afternoon, so I think we'll stay put. Too bad: I would have liked to have seen Algonquin Park again. Maybe we'll get another chance soon, but poor weather seems to be looming for the foreseeable future, and the colours will soon be past their peak.

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-epm said...

Ooooo.... Ahhhhh....

Sure, tell me not to move to Canada then post these pictures. Well, all I can say is that Canada looks *almost* as pretty as New Hampshire. :)

This past weekend I was out with my son and saw some great shots. The sun was bright, the sky blue and the leaves almost unnaturally saturated. Alas, the camera was back home on the kitchen counter.

Seventy-two hours later nature has moved on. The images lost forever, except for the painting in my mind.