Monday, October 25, 2004

Algonquin Jays

In just a few short days, we will bid adieu to this region of rock, trees, and lakes and head back toward suburbia. To quote Will, "parting is such sweet sorrow," and it is especially true at this glorious time of year. However, there's always something good about getting home too — such as high speed Internet access. <smile>

In the interim, we continue to enjoy autumn in the country and are trying to make the best of the few days that remain. In addition to a wonderful walk in the woods today, we were blessed to able to also sneak a little bicycle ride. Rain and/or wind and/or cold had thwarted us for over a week, but it was it a dry, over 10°C, and not terribly windy today; so we took advantage of Mother Nature's serendipitous offering.

This is only the fifth time that we have been able to get out in the three weeks or so that we have been here, but I finally seem to be finding the hills easier to ascend. If I pop the bike into a low enough gear and take my sweet time, I seem to be able to now make it up moderate hills without being completely overcome. Believe me; that's an improvement.

I took the above photo(s) last Monday at Algonquin Park and got the urge to play with it(them) a bit tonight. It's actually three photos of the same blue jay. I think that anybody can tell, but I like the result anyway. I also replaced the background; those are blurred trees from the same area.



JV said...

Hi Anvilcloud, thanks for the comment. Yes, I do live pretty well on rather little financial benefits. The non-financial perks of a monk's life make up for a lot. However, there are a few simple things I would like to have--my own place, for example--that disability income alone won't support, and that motivates me to look for ways to make just a bit of extra money.

Actually, I've been thinking lately, as I read your blog, that I envy you your life. Your working days are finished, you spend your time walking, biking and taking pictures in the woods with your life-long companion, you have a vacation farm to go to, children who have grown up to be fine people, etc. I'm sure your life has its challenges too, but from here, you sound like a fortunate man. I suspect you already know that. Enjoy.

Dale said...

I really like the Blue Jay pic! And no, I would never have known it was the same jay, flipped. Nice job!