Monday, June 26, 2017

I Ask Why and other Outtakes

I thought I would show a few outtakes, as it were, from that KP trip, which was only an hour and a half but which has since lasted for many many posts. 😊

We saw this piece of art near the end of our tour of the museum, but I want to feature it first here because it kind of choked me up at the time. Some people don't have much of a chance in life, and the poor guy who wrote this was one of them. I ask why is it a parent can't accept their child as it is.

Some brutal devices of punishment were featured, including whips, a whipping table and other devious devices. Brutal.

Stick him in stocks, put his head in a barrel, and drip water until he almost drowns.

Various whips and paddles, with one of the whipping posts off to the side.

Taking solitary confinement to new heights, or should I say depths. I would have lost my mind.

Prisons are brutal places. We saw all sorts of shivs (knives) and a homemade sort of crossbow made largely out of toothbrushes.

One fellow not at KP but in another facility in this province, hid himself in these trays in an escape attempt. Apparently he lost about 30lbs in an effort to squeeze himself into this tiny space.

And a few outtakes from the prison side, just to wrap up this long series.

There was an open room for visitation, but the more dangerous offenders could only have guests in this secure area.

A little bit of green and a flowering bush might provide some hope for the prisoners ... and guards. 

This is the women's facility. At first, they had a wing of the main jail, then this, and then a separate facility across the street.

Quite the graffiti in the exercise room for the psychiatric inmates who were kept apart from the main prison body.  The door led to the main prison yard, but these guys didn't go there.

I guess that's it for this series that kind of took an unexpected life of its own.


Marie Smith said...

We have a lot to answer for with respect to our treatment of prisoners in this country, by the look of it. These posts were informative, AC. Thank you.

Shammickite said...

Well, you have done such a good job of describing life as it was at Kingston Pen, now I don't have to visit! Very informative indeed.

Tabor said...

interesting and sad. In that last photo that mural looks very frenetic.

Mara said...

Had to scroll back a bit to see what I'd missed. JJ will be climbing Mount Everest before you know it and Danica and those splits... Wow!

Back to the prison though. Beautiful graffiti in the psychiatric part. Do you know whether it was done by the inmates or by somebody else? And as for those torture devices... gruesome! I don't think I would be able to stand much of that, but then again, you never know what you can stand until something actually happens to you.

Great set of posts.

Mage said...

I've enjoyed every bit of this....thank you.

Ginnie said...

As outstanding as the Warden's house is I would not want to live across from all of this that you show. My oldest sister had a similar thing...her husband was a psychiatrist and the first job he had when they got married was as head Doc at a Massachusetts Insane Asylum and they lived in a similar house separated by just a wire fence from the patients !

Jenn Jilks said...

It's quite the horror show, isn't it??!!

troutbirder said...

and the crime rate went up anyway? Perhaps a guillotine from FROM THE COLLECTION IN pARIS MIGHT HAVE HELPED.....