Monday, December 04, 2017


This occurs to me on occasion; I forget to check blogs for a few days. This morning there were almost 40 waiting for me when I clicked into Feedly. I commented briefly on quite a few but felt that I had to bypass others.

How and why does this happen?

Well, for one thing, I had pre-posted a number of entries last week, so they come up automatically, and, therefore, blogging kind of left my mind. It's understandable really since there isn't much room in my mind to begin with.

Also, however, there have been other things on the agenda recently.

On Friday morning, we were forced to arise at 3AM and pick up Shauna and the kids by 4 to get them to the airport by 5 so that they could board by 6. I had a nap or two that day and when awake I was into a Vera mystery by Anne Cleeves (not Anne of Cleeves).

4am Smiles

They flew to Florida and are cruising from there. Their ship is said to be the largest cruise ship in existence. Shauna has posted some photos, and I believe it. I will just post this one photo, which looks likes they are in a big mall.

Looking quite pleased to be there

Saturday came with the necessity of having to go grocery shopping. We had been home for almost a week, and I had been putting it off until I could put it off no longer. Groceries are my chore. Normally, I don't mind it, while Sue really dislikes it. I had been partly putting it off for the arrival of a new month as our November budget had been somewhat overstretched.

Sue was to be a greeter for the Christmas House Tour on Saturday night. It's a fund raiser for the hospital, but she was surprised to see the scads of visitors that dropped by on a Saturday evening. So, I would say that it's a very successful fund raiser at $25 per ticket.

When I dropped her off, the house looked so pretty that I made a mental note to bring my camera with my when it was time to pick her up.

No snow but a nice house to shoot nevertheless

Sunday involved a quick trip into the city to pick up printer ink and paper. Silly me had run short on both just when I need to print some winter photos for a display. Almost $300 later, I feel a lot poorer, but the paper at least will last for the year or near about. We also had lunch at a popular restaurant after having to wait in line for almost a half hour. We vowed to never go again on Sunday in December and, frankly, never to go again on Sunday.

On Sunday evening, I was off to the Bowes Brothers 11th Annual Country Christmas Music Show. It's also a fundraiser for the hospital. The Bowes Brothers are a local family, male quartet. I was the volunteer photographer for the event.

First Performer: Jim Simpson
Burnside Sisters fiddled some find tunes, some with a Celtic flavour

The Burnside Sisters also did a lot of step dancing which the audience loved

The Bowes Brothers with dad accompanying in the background, right


Joanne Noragon said...

This is how the season should be. Comfortably full and sleepy at all times, but functioning fully. It's like lucid dreaming. It's how the traditions spin out. January is for sleeping in. Hope you have not dogs to get up and water.

Mara said...

Well, at least you preposted some posts! I don't even always do that, just play a game or two and then watch television, forgetting all about reading blogs!

Your grands do look pretty pleased with being on that cruise ship. I wonder whether they get to see everything while on it!

Marie Smith said...

You’ve been busy, AC. It keeps our bones limber when we’re busy like that. That’s how I see it anyway.

Vicki Lane said...

Life does get busy around the holidays. What a change from your cottage!

Tabor said...

I cannot imagine anything worse than being on the largest cruise ship in existence. But your grands are having a wonderful time and that is what counts.

Hena Tayeb said...

December is just a crazy month..
The cruise sounds fun..

Mage said...

Perfection in all but the grocery shopping.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's good to get away. I couldn't do a cruise! That insomnia thing!
Your town does some fun things!!!!
I'm finding bloggers are winding down, in some respects. I keep it up, as hubby wants to know what we've done. I won't say he's losing his memory, so much as the one usually driving! We'll go with that! :-)

Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, yes. many people are only blogging 2 or 3 times a week, or just choosing weekly memes.
I like using my computer skills to do stuff. It gives me a routine, which I like. Retiring was very hard on me.

Kay said...

I have my blog posts going up automatically right now too since I’m really up to my ears in everything. Sounds to me like you’ve been super busy. Have a fabulous holiday season.

Country Gal said...

It is a busy time of year for some and for others well the weather hasn't always been the best for getting out and about to take photos unless ya nip out quick and snap one or two lol . I have been MIA in blog land as well just not much going on with us as of yet . Thanks for sharing lovely post and photos . Have a good week !

Debbie said...

good stuff today!! we all understand as we are all often in the same blogger boat. i LOVE that pretty home you photographed, tastefully done!!