Saturday, December 30, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

We continue to experience quite a deep freeze hereabouts. As I sit here at 8 AM, it's -22C/-4F. I mean outside, not right in my seat.

The few times that I have been out, I have bundled up and have not really felt the cold. Mind you, my walks are short, maybe 20 minutes, but I have been comfortable enough in my layers. Even walking across parking lots, like going to see The Last Jedi, I have not really felt the chill too deeply.

Speaking of that movie, it was my first experience in a theatre with reclining seats and tons of leg room. What a treat! As for the movie, it was okay with lots of action,  but there's nothing like the original series in my very humble opinion.

Back to my recent wintry strolls, I have been putting my little iphone in my pocket and taking it out for some very quick panos before my fingers freeze. I love this feature, where you can just swipe across your field of view, and boom and photo is made. I posted one a few posts back, but here are a couple more. They are all at or near the park around the corner. In the last one, I went right down to the river where you can see some mist rising in the distance.


Mara said...

How many layers are we talking here?

Marie Smith said...

Beautiful, AC. Great shots! Too cold for the camera here. Fingers near freeze in a minute.

Joanne Noragon said...

Minus four! We haven't been friends long enough to call you a sissy. I spent a week up to minus thirty! The plane was deiced twice last night and the Milwaukee airport shut to plow the runways. However, you did go outdoors, and that's more than I did, save house to car to airport. Damn, it was cold. Happy new year.

Should Fish More said...

Looks like we have the same amount of snow on the ground here in MT where I live. We have warmed up considerably, it was minus 27 6 days ago, it's 28 above right now, kids are in t-shirts outside.
Happy new year,

Vicki Lane said...

Brrr! We are only in the twenties and I'm feeling it. But no snow to tempt me out to photograph. Will just enjoy yours -- thank you! Your posts are always a treat. And a Happy New Year to you and yours!