Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Eve

Of course, readers understand that such posts are mainly for my records and family history and that there is no expectation of commenting. Not that most of all of our posts are at least partly like that, but some, like this and perhaps a few to come, are probably more so.

We arrived to their place around 4 PM and had some eats and snacks almost immediately, and there was snuggle time of course. The boy was very snuggly that day.

Throughout the evening, Danica followed Santa on the NORAD tracker. She's just booting it up in this photo.

You already know from a previous post that we drove to see a razzle dazzle house. But what you didn't know is that the boy appropriated my chapeau. Since he looks far better in it that I do, I let him keep it on for the duration of that little trip.

Back home it was jammie time. It has been our tradition since our kids were little to open a gift on Christmas Eve, and it is always pajamas.

I must add this one also on the stairs because it just turned out unexpectedly well with the little compact camera and its little popup flash.

We sang.

Played a game of Sorry.

The cat joined in. He was a constant presence over both the Eve and the Day. I had him for much of the time on the Eve.

And that's pretty much how it went down.

I wasn't going to post this yet, seeing as I have already done a post today, but somehow this published itself when it wasn't yet complete, so I will publish it properly now.


Silver in AZ said...

Looks like you recorded an absolutely perfect Christmas Eve.

Marie Smith said...

Family tradition and fun! Perfect!

Debbie said...

these kids are so cute, i love the pj's!!! i noticed sue's blanket right away!! belated merry christmas!!!

Mage said...

Thank you for posting this...what joy in their faces. Where is your wife? It's just a pleasure to visit you like this. :)

Mara said...

Love the pj's. And the pussycat is beautiful!

Jenn Jilks said...

I get that! I love keeping track of what we have done. I just adore your photos.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas Eve family get together with all of us. Looks like a fun time was had by all including the cat.