Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Spring Garden

This blogger has been a bit remiss just lately, but life changes slowly sometimes.

The spring garden is doing well enough now. Most tulips have faded, but the Canada 150 tulips that I featured not long ago are still hanging on albeit for not much longer,

Although they are much less extensive this year, we still have a few patches of Dad's forget-me-nots.

There are some beyond the newly planted heuchera (coral bells) in the next photo. The heuchera is new because it's a decent shade plant, and the more sun-loving ones that were there languished somewhat as the tree grew and threw more shade, I do like the burnished leaves.

Ground phlox don't do all that well in my garden, but we do have a bit of a showing along with tulips that have since joined the ranks of the dearly departed.

And the park is so very green all of a sudden. And the fishers are out too.


Silver Willow said...

congrats for getting past another winter! :)

Marie Smith said...

That gorgeous new green! Beautiful!

Mara said...

You blink and everything changes. Over here nearly everything is blooming/has bloomed or is green right now. Now we just need the temperatures.

Tabor said...

Trying to catch spring in my lens. I have to use sports mode.

Debbie said...

Gorgeous, we are way ahead of you!!

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely to see your Spring!