Friday, May 05, 2017

At the Sugar Camp Once Again

It's pouring out — again! but it did abate for much of the day yesterday, so we took the opportunity to head out to Wheelers Sugar Bush with friends.

You may be able to glimpse the bird feeder beyond Ivy's head below, and while we munched a lovely Rose-Breasted Grosbeak came and fed for ever so long. We just looked, enjoyed and didn't take pictures — for once.

As usual, we briefly toured the boiler room. The season is over, but there were many barrels of maple syrup in the the left foreground, only a few of which are visible, but you get the idea.

We didn't remember seeing this cross-stitch before.

While the others toured the museums, I walked the trail in search of photo ops, hoping to catch the faint leafing out that begins in this season. I snapped quite a few, but with a gray day, they were poor, so I trashed them all when I got back home.

I did, however, take this photo although I have shot similar ones in the past. White Rose was a one-time Canadian company, and you all know about the famous Model T.

I shot it as an HDR, which I won't bother explaining right now, but it served to help me boost the exposure in the gloomy garage.

Now, it's pouring again, which reminds me of a line in the kids' gospel chorus, The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock: "the rains came down and the floods came up." It is becoming a serious concern in some areas. I have never seen the like.


Marie Smith said...

It pretty wet in central Canada now. We've got five days of rain coming up!

Mage said...

Rain in even here on the Pacific coast. Usually we have fogs but not rain.

Tabor said...

You are getting to be the expert on that photography taken in camera. I still rely on photoshopping my mistakes.

Debbie said...

What a cool place...I am a lover of cross stitch work, have done many myself, and they are a lot of work!

Ginnie said...

The cross stitch picture made me think of my grandfather in Brattleboro, Vermont when he would "sugar off" as the saying goes. I always loved the smell when the maple sap was boiling down to syrup.
Also, AC, I loved your array of pictures in your last post.

Linda Kay said...

John, that cross stitch picture is amazing, and I can't imagine the time it took to finish that work of art!

Vicki Lane said...

that last shot is a classic!

Kerry said...

I like that last shot too. Man it is wet up by you. Good thing you have lots of great maple syrup to make up for the weather?