Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Blustery Walk in the Park

My goodness, it was windy on the weekend, but while waiting for my women, I had a chance to spend a few minutes in a park in Ottawa, right by the Ottawa River. So, I did what I do and snapped a few pictures.

It was a bit of a gloomy day, so I brightened up this photo of the curving path.
There were a few Canada geese about. I walked close by some of the (not this one), and they seemed to be less skittery of people that those in our town park. I assumed that they are more habituated in this busier park.
I stumbled across my first blossoms of spring. It wasn't much, but it was something.
Despite the blustery winds, there was more than one picnic taking place. After a long winter, who can wait?
I came across a tiny waterfall and without a tripod or neutral density filter, I decided to experiment with a photoshop technique to fake a long exposure my taking about 20 images of the same subject. It worked.
For comparative purposes, this is what the single median of my 22 images looked like. There's quite a difference between the two versions.

Since most of my blog readers don't have Photoshop, I won't share the technique here, but you can read about it on my Flickr post if you wish.


Marie Smith said...

We have picnics as often as we can. The winter was far too long!

Beautiful photos, AC.

Debbie said...

i don't use photoshop or edit my pictures but i must say the waterfall images are gorgeous!!! all of these images are so pretty but those spring blooms against that blue sky, perfection!!!

Mara said...

I wonder what's around the corner in that top photo. Not that I want to know, I just want to wonder and think it may be a castle.

Linda Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by! Lovely scenes, and especially the water fall.

Jenn Jilks said...

Ever cool! I tried that in Almonte last week, but failed to figure out how to do the settings! My friend did it one day here. I've just forgetting stuff these days!

Mage said...

I use Photoshop all the time, but truthfully have no idea how to use it. I'm awful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WOW on those first spring blossoms which really popped against that blue background, AC. I also do not own or use Photoshop, so any explanation of the techniques you used would be lost on me. That said, I was glad to see your treatment of the waterfall.