Saturday, May 13, 2017

Our Early Mothers Day

Once upon a Mothers Day, many years ago, we made the mistake of going out for breakfast. And the large crowds caused us to vow never to do it again. Since then, we usually go out for breakfast a few days before Mothers Day. This year, events transpired to make it a lunch instead of breakfast, so we headed out of town to Laws & Orders, home of the Rhippo Burger, which I'm sure is a very large burger.

Laws & Orders is a popular burger and fries type of place that burned down last year but reopened in a brand new building this year.

There is a deck for eating out in nice weather, but it wasn't nice that day, so we ate inside. It was interesting to see that the deck door was a garage door to make access very easy.

Some of the menu as well as the pickup window is shown below although the larger menu was off to the left, and I neglected to take a shot of it. I can't fathom anyone managing 2 Rhippo burgers, which must be very large, and 1 lb of poutine in 20 minutes. I'm not even sure if they should make the offer in case someone might try to do take them up on it and cause themselves to get sick.

The meal was standard fare; there was nothing wrong with it, but I don't think I would be tempted to make the drive again as burgers and fries aren't all that difficult to find closer to home.

I did like this little piece of art, using licence plates to make a map of Canada.

After lunch we continued our long rural drive to Balderson where we had an ice cream cone and also took some peanut brittle home.

So, it was a happy early Mothers Day outing.


Marie Smith said...

The outing sounds great.

Love the map. They even got PEI on there which is quite a chore it's so small.

Ginnie said...

You've stumped me AC. What makes a hamburger a Rhippo? Is it just the size or is it half hippo meat and what the heck is poutine?
Give Cuppa my wishes for a happy Mother's Day.

Shammickite said...

Your lovely lady has been having a fine old time recently.... first a week long birthday celebration and now a special Mother's Day burger outing! Enjoy!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I'm with Ginnie- what is poutine? The burger plate looks yummy!

Jenn Jilks said...

That was quite the event, wasn't it, that explosion. People talked about it all the time.

What a lovely day!
I did retail shopping!

Kay said...

She sure is a lovely mother, John. We had an early Mothers Day celebration too, just to avoid the crowds.