Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Kids

There was a time when this blog became mostly about the kids, especially when they were young and we were babysitting regularly. But life moves on, and I don't post so much about them anymore. However, I guess it's okey dokey to update every now and then.

They spend three mornings before school and three afternoons after school with us. They are at the age where they tend to do their own thing, but we still have good times of interaction.

One morning recently, JJ took a break from his usual drawing and wanted to play games. He mostly dotes on Sue, and here they are playing a memory game where you turn up on image and try to remember its mate. If you fail, you turn both images back over.

When Sue had to attend to other things, he asked if I would play.

We had some fun.

Then, Danica had a sleepover with us and thought that I should teach her something. I had a kids book on Charles Darwin, so we read that and discussed evolution for a bit. We watched a short video on the subject, and then, somehow, we got onto famous paintings. She also likes to get her back scritched.

Something tickled our funny bones.

Just before an already somewhat late bedtime, she did a bit of sketching.

We do have some good times.


Marie Smith said...

Being a grandparent is one of the greatest joys in life. Your sweeties are growing up so fast. We enjoy every minute with ours too.

Tabor said...

You do lead the good life. I am a bit jealous as I see my grands only a few times a year.

Jim Flack said...

My 4 little grands live only a few blocks from me and their mother and I decided that in a couple years, or less, they would be allowed to walk to Papa's house. Already the two older ones know the route, and my DIL said that she watches them carefully when they are outside that they don't try to go for a quick "run-away" to my house. There are no major busy streets to cross, but the busy railway through our town is between them and me. That's a scary business. But, being in such close proximity, I get to see them often. They are such a joy!
Your pictures are great, and the time spent with your grands is priceless!

Mara said...

I never was one for 'Memory'. I always seemed to loose! Give me a connect 4 thing any day!

So nice they still like to be close to you and Sue. Long may it continue!

Silver Willow said...

CLEAR evidence that both of you are thoughtful, intelligent, wonderful grandparents. :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Posting about your family is one of the nicest things, and there are many others, about your blog, AC. And in the few years or so, we have been reading it, we fell as we have come to "know" your family even though we've never met. Looks like everyone was having a great time and it was great to see.

Mage said...

Oh, yes you sure do.

Jackie said...

It is ALWAYS OK to post about the Grands.
Our hearts are full as we share moments with them. Thank you for sharing yours with us.
The love we have for them is beyond words....

Jenn Jilks said...

They grow so fast, don't they????