Sunday, November 20, 2016

JJ Plays Goal

It was the little gaffer's turn to play goalie yesterday. His team won 7-4 in a good contest in which our guys had a 5-0 lead before the other team got their mojo. The kids and fans had a fine time.

I took photos from various positions but all were through dirty plexiglass or through the netting (to stop pucks from injuring spectators) if I was up high. You can see the texture of the netting in some photos.

I took many shots, and not just of JJ, and I posted them on the team's FB page, but I'll just feature JJ here.

The Pregame Warmup

A good stop coming up

Getting down and dirty ... um ... icy

Stopped with the stick

Post game congratulations


Marie Smith said...

How wonderful that you can do photos for the kids. These are great shots. I like the mesh. It makes the photos more realistic.

Mage said...

Good stuff grandpaw. :)

Shammickite said...

It's fun going to the local arena to watch the little kids. I was there on Saturday, watching grandson age 7 play. Then it was picture day.... total organised chaos while all the teams had their photos taken.

Silver Willow said...

Great pics, and congrats on the win!

troutbirder said...

What fun! Hockey is really big here in Minnesota as well...:)

Jenn Jilks said...

What a good grampa!

Mara said...

I remember the photos you showed when he stood on the ice for the first time: a scared little boy. Well, nothing scared about him now! Way to go!

Kay said...

Your grandchildren will really cherish all the fabulous photos you take of them!