Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What I Do for Two Bucks

I have probable tossed a few coke cartons with the $2 coupon on the inside, but decided to extract one. They don't make it easy.

It's in there somewhere; all I have to do is look. ↓

They don't make it easy. ↓

Success at last. ↓


Tabor said...

I must admit that I love the taste of this stuff but very very rarely drink soda anymore. Too much sugar and so bad for me. I even turned down a free case of Coke that was being given away at the supermarket when I checked out a few months ago. Several people behind me also took a pass on this "gift."

Jimmie Earl said...

Love it! Now just remembering to take the coupon with you when you head to the grocery. LOL!

TexWisGirl said...


Mara said...

I am with Jimmie Early on that one: remember to take the coupon with you! Otherwise it was all that work for nothing!!!

Gail Dixon said...

Good grief! That's almost as bad as clamshell packaging. :/

Hilary said...

I have never even noticed that there are coupons. :]

I used to drink a fair bit of diet coke but eventually figured out that it was causing issues with my connective tissue (tissue issues!). I still miss it sometimes but will opt for the sugar instead, once in a blue moon.

Donna said...

That's diet coke? Bad Bad Bad Boy!!!
Drink the real thing! Better for you than diet...That stuff literally eats holes in your brain tissue! Causes strokes...joint issues...sleep!!! issues...has the same properties as paint thinner.
We want you around for a long time!