Monday, April 07, 2014

Some Days Are Like That

It looked nice outside yesterday, so we decided to walk to Walmart. It's not our favourite place, but it's the closest store, and there were a few items that we could pick up. Besides, we could treat ourselves to a cuppa coffee from the McDonalds inside. I've never tried it, but Sue says that it's pretty good.

The way that I gimp along with my stupid right foot, it takes the best part of a half hour, and it was much windier than we thought, so it wasn't an altogether pleasant ramble.

Carrying Sue's camera, I stopped to take a few pictures of the field with the water tower in the distance. Where the snow has not been piled, there isn't all that much left. Mind you, there's still ~4' on our lawn. Even at that amount, a good chuck of it has evaporated.

We continued on to WM and barely got inside the door before there was a power failure. We waited outside for a few moments to see if it would come back on before deciding to trudge back home when both my sore foot and Sue's cold ears (did I mention it was very windy?) could have used a rest. Oh well.

About 5 minutes out, we could tell from the traffic lights that the power had been restored, but we kept on trudging toward home. And it was a trudge, let me tell ya. In good shape, I am not.

Some days are like that.


TexWisGirl said...

well, you got fresh (brisk) air in you. :)

and i like mcdonald's coffee, myself.

Jackie said... didn't get to sample the coffee and give us a recommendation.
I'm so sorry the power went out.
I have heard that spring is on its way for you....soon!
And, it will be glorious, I'm sure.

troutbirder said...

Thanks for the metric refresher AC. It may come in handy this summer as we're way overdue for a visit to Winnipeg and the annual "Folkfest" there...:)

Gail Dixon said...

It's better to have walked than not walked at all. I am sorry about your sore foot, though and Sue's frozen ears. Love the blue tones you captured with the camera.

Tabor said...

Today was very very very wet. But I will take that over snow. It is good to push ourselves no matter how slowly we do it.

Regenia said...

What a shame! I give you both a lot of credit for attempting the walk! My husband Allan and I very much like McDonald's coffee. So give it a try.

Jimmie Earl said...

Walking is good exercise any time, but walking in the cold wind is not a fun thing. I hate the wind whether it is cold or hot. My mom hated the wind, too, and I think she passed that wierdness on to me.
Too bad you missed McD's coffee, though. They serve a good cuppa! I went there almost everyday on my way to work and now try to go at least once a week. My town has a small, privately owned coffee shoppe that has the best coffee around. Better than Starbucks by far, and a lot less spendy!!
Have a wonderful week. Spring is coming....!

Hena Tayeb said...

don't you just hate when that happens!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Walking is good when you have a reward and you had none, but a sore(er) foot and wind and worst of all, no coffee. A bad day all around it seems.

judie said...

Hi Anvilcloud. I noticed you are a frequent commenter at Philip's and I can't find where he has posted on his blog since December, and he doesn't answer my emails. I wondered if you knew if he is ok. Please let me know on my blog or email at Thanks!! Gosh, you sure have had a lot of snow!

Lorna said...

Walking is evil!