Saturday, March 08, 2014

Temple's Sugar Bush Camp

When all of the following occurred — Pancake Day, Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and Fasnacht Day (in Pennsylvania Dutch) — you can well imagine how perplexed I might be. I mean to say, how does one celebrate 6 days in one fell swoop?

I suppose that I could have tried to make pancakes, but although I cook this and that in these, the years of my encroaching dementia, pancakes are not in my repertoire. Neither are flapjacks for that matter.

Wheelers is a fine Maple Sugar camp and restaurant, but a 45 minute drive seemed to be a bit much on that day. And local restaurants did not entice. Aha! What about Temple's? It's near enough, but they close down for the winter. Would they be open yet? Yes indeedy: an internet check affirmed such to be true.

So, off we went.

We seem to get there once a year during March and April when they are open daily, and I have blogged about Temple's Sugar Bush Camp several times in the past. But I feel like posting about it again. So sue me.

Speaking of Sue, she is walking toward the entrance in this ↓ photo. As you can see, we have just a wee bit of snow left. The shack in the background is the original Temple's. Later in this post, you will see a picture of an historical picture of people lined up, waiting to be served,

Two views from around the entrance way. ↑ Looking into the dining room and around the lobby and checkout area ↓.

Another picture ↑ in the lobby shows lots of maple syrup for sale as well as the picture of the old sugar shack that I mentioned earlier. Although I didn't get close enough to reveal much detail in the photo, people are lined up in their Sunday best. Below ↓ is a somewhat closer shot.

Part of the menu ↑ (there's more on the other side). I opted for the Sugar Camp Pancake Meal (top left) while Sue ordered the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast (bottom left).

When the ordered came, we split and shared.  Both parts were yummy. ↓

Later, I stuck my head outside for a brief while, but it was darn cold, so I didn't linger. This ↓ is the same sugar shack in the background with a modern tank behind the new restaurant in the foreground.

Finally, for now ↓ a look into the sugar bush. The lines (tubing) that transports the sap to the boiler is on the right. No horses and buckets in a modern sugar bush.

I will have some more photos to share tomorrow ... or soon.

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Tabor said...

While I love big breakfasts I have to limit those 2000 calorie meals to once every other month!

TexWisGirl said...

you made my mouth water...

'speaking of sue' cracked me up!

Jimmie Earl said...

Interesting. Looks like my kind of eating establishment. And of course, lovely Sue enhances your excellent photos even more!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Why make your own pancakes, when there's a place like Temple's in the area? Are they served with beans?

Anvilcloud said...

Yes to beans. See food photo.

troutbirder said...

Most interesting and the boilers are huge. I tried tapping maple trees once but the weather didn't cooperate and the result was a whole lot of work with very little result...

Donna Staas said...

Yes, I'm back...finally...
Glad someone said...beans...I don't understand the beans for breakfast. Larry says it's just because y'all Like beans for breakfast...Hahaaa...Ok, guess it's no stranger than Fried Chicken for breakfast.
But saying that, it ALL looks good!!

Mary Gilmour said...

The old shack in the background was not run by the Temple group but by a family called McEwan. They sold to Temples and Charles built the new building in the '90s, I think. Before that the entire Temples outfit was the one at McDonald's Corners.