Saturday, March 01, 2014


I was surprised when I visited your blogs yesterday. I had missed up to 6 posts from some people. Sometimes, I simply forget to engage Reader for a few days. Just for a change lol, I have a few photos to post.

This ↓↓ was JJ with secret agent, Brian, on Brian and Heather's visit 2 weeks ago.

Sometimes, the kids like to play "Can You Keep a Secret?" We tickle their hands and sing the words ending with "If you laugh, or if you smile, you can't keep a secret." As it turns out, they usually can't keep a secret.

Danica got very busy after school the other day, keeping her doings quite secretive until she was ready for the big reveal. She was quite proud of her creation. Me too.

Meanwhile, I keep peeking at the 14 day forecast, searching for a change in the weather. And the results are quite disappointing.

Possibly, two days may inch over the freezing point. This is not the news one hopes for after a winter like ours. And that's just the daytime temps. Look at the night line on the graph. When will the weather warm up? It's a secret.


Mara said...

Our temperatures are a bit better, but not much. And when the wind starts... However, spring does seem to be on its way. The snowdrops are out in force, even in my garden!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i hope danica's self portrait is framed somewhere! awesome!

Country Gal said...

Very pretty self portrait ! Lovely photos ! Yup March I think will come in like a lion and go out like a lamb the way it used to .Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

Kerry said...

I think you are one super cool grampa; the look on Danica's face tells me so.

Brrrr! I hope it warms up one day soon. March must go out like a lamb, right?

Anonymous said...

Nice picture, Danica! We are expecting another storm and no school on Monday. We'll see what happens. No matter, it is March. Spring is coming whether old man Winter likes it or not, the bully.

Regenia said...

I always love children's drawings, particularly their unique use of perspective. I like a lot of art. I like Picasso. He can be credited for lots of originality. But sometimes I do wonder if his repositioning of body parts and use of perspective wasn't inspired by beginning artists like Danica! Please tell her good job!

Donna said...

Sweet shots and here's hoping you get some warmer temps soon!