Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Boxing Lessons

How odd that both Sue and I received packages on the same day when both of us go for long periods without receiving any parcels.

Sue's parcel is the one at the back. It contained two large winter boots.

My only slightly smaller package is the one at the front. It contained the single very small purchase that I propped on the top for the photo. Even the inner box was large for the contents; you can see the space for the two, even smaller parts. It's good to send electronics securely, but my goodness!

Sue told the story of her boots here. Columbia Sportswear certainly came through for her.

Some of you may wish to know what the heck my Giga T Pro II is all about.

It's a remote control plus timer for my camera. One piece sits on top on the hotshoe (flash holder). The other piece I hold in my hand both to set the mode and to spring the shutter. Both pieces are shown below. And that's all that came in that huge box, along with the wire that you see and a slim manual.

When I set my camera on a tripod for low light shots, as I do very occasionally, I like to click the shutter remotely rather than jiggle the camera. It makes for a sharper photo.

It's also handy to have a timer. My camera can only give me a timed thirty seconds. I have found myself trying to count seconds out loud a few times when I want to go above thirty seconds, and this timer will do that ... and more ... such as setting a certain numer of shots and the duration in between frames and so on ...

I had a cheapie remote/timer that was hard to use and that didn't last.long anyway. Hopefully, this will fill a need for quite some time.


Ginnie said...

Goodness, AC, you are getting to be a pro ! Actually I understand about not jiggling the camera. The older I get the less I am able to have a steady hand and I delete more photos than I save.

TexWisGirl said...

packing freaks! :)

Gail Dixon said...

I ordered a half dollar size container of eye cream from Amazon and it came in a package large enough to hold several large hardback books.

I've been wanting to get a timer for a while now. Hope it works out for you.

Mary Gilmour said...

I would love to know how your timer works out for you as I have been brooding about getting one.

Tabor said...

This remote adjusts the number of shots and time of shots? I have a small hand held, but do not use it often and I have to be in front of the camera to use it!!

Anvilcloud said...

Mary and Tabor, from just playing around with it in the house, it seems to work as advertised. I have set it to take multiple shots with a certain interval in between. Of course, you can just use it as a remote clicker. It's supposed to have a very good range, so you don't have to be close to the camera. I have not tested this.

Kerry said...

Why do they always use such hug boxes? I don't know. Seems wasteful.

I just got a new camera, but no extra stuff like your cool remote. I'm interested to see how you like it.

Regenia said...

And you already take wonderful photographs! I imagine it will be really nice to up your game.