Saturday, August 10, 2013

View from the Bridge

With apologies to Arthur Miller for the title, here are some photos on and from the railway bridge. Not to worry, the tracks have been removed. To worry: there are no railings.

Before I go any further, let me acknowledge my senility by confessing that I forgot to check blogs for about a week. Sad, I know. In fact, I might have forgotten for longer, if Sue hadn't asked me if I had read a certain post.

I have visited the bridge on my own in the past and took this photo earlier.

But I thought the kids might enjoy it. I thought about it for awhile before I took them up there, but I held on very tightly, and they really liked the experience.

I got very nervous when they picked up stones to throw into the river because they started really leaning toward the edge.

So, we didn't stay too long after that.

I did, however, go back on my own to take some more pictures. These were taken just after sunset, so they are supposed to be a little dark.

I like the lighting on the townhall, but I wish someone would cut the trees, which almost obstruct the view.

In the other direction lies one of the three bridges -- four if you count the one on the bypassing highway -- to cross the river in Carleton Place. Obviously this is the least used one. I toned the two versions a bit differently.


Linda Braun said...

I can see why you'd be a bit concerned about the grands after seeing them leaning out like that. The evening shots are all lovely. You're fortunate to have such a lovely setting close by.

troutbirder said...

What beautiful scenes/photographs. And the charming grandchildren being carefully watched by granddad...:)

Regenia said...

What stunning pictures. I also like the lighted town hall. The sepia picture of you, Danica, and JJ especially touches me.

Mara said...

Years ago my brother and some friends went cycling in Canada and they used disused railway tracks. They had a great time and took some fantastic photos!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Kids and stone-throwing into water seem to go together, but glad you kept each grandchild in hand, John. And, yes you should speak to someone about those trees obstructing your beautiful sunsets.

Donna said...

They're all Very pretty but that last one is just, beautiful!