Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Curious Case of the Droopy Eyelid

Our oldest, Shauna, has never been thrilled with her droopy left eye -- or eyelid to be more precise.

Neither I, Sue, nor our parents have a droopy eye.

But in perusing the family album, I noticed something.

This is my grandfather.

And his father -- my great grandfather.

But that particular gene, skipped my father.

And me.

So, if I understand the math, there was only a 1 in 8 probability that Shauna would inherit this gene, and while there was a 50% chance that her kids would inherit, neither did.

This kind of thing just interests me. That's all this is about. Besides, she doesn't really suffer in looks.


Lorna said...

that's sort of amazing, yet I don't think I would have noticed it if you hadn't used that title.

Shammickite said...

That is fascinating, genetics are so interesting. I have red hair.... so did my dad, and at least one of his sisters, not sure about his brothers, but I have a number of red haired cousins. Yet my children were white/blond when they were little, and the next generation are also towheads.... not a red hair among the lot of 'em!!!

Donna said...

She's beautiful.....

Pearl said...

photo help make sense of things sometimes. wish I had records going back. maybe in a few generations we can come whole tricorder scans of a our ancestors and cross-check bloodwork.

Anonymous said...

She does look great with the droopy eye lid. Lots of people have it. Being an artist who once painted a lot of portraits, I can tell you that most people have one eye a lot larger than the other one.

Regenia said...

Wow! I have been on my Nook Color in the last number of days. I would just glance at the small picture of your blog, which I have saved as a favorite. I thought I could tell that you had not posted and assumed you were taking a break after lots of activity with Danica and JJ. I should have pulled up the blog. I have missed a lot of posts!

As far as your daughter, I feel sure others do not see her eyelid drooping slightly. Because, oh my goodness, what a very pretty woman! Great eyes, great hair, beautiful, friendly smile. I hope she sees that in the mirror and not an eyelid that might droop a little.