Saturday, August 03, 2013

Chicks and Chips

July was a pretty busy month, three weeks being spent with Danica and Jonathan. They are travelling this week and will be with another care provider for the two ensuing weeks, so grandma and Grandpa can recuperate.

So, I am going back through the photos and found this little series.

What's in the box?

Many little chicks.

Yes, during the summer, the Country Depot gets a shipment on every second Wednesday. JJ has seen them before, but since Dani is usually in school this was her first exposure.

So, I was able to prove that a guy is never too old to pick up chicks.

Everybody had an opportunity to pet the wee thing.

Then we toured the nursery part of the place, and Danica behaved like a prim and proper young lady.

Then, they sat around for awhile.

Finally, it was off to the chip truck for our treat of the day.

Where grandma and granddaughter enjoyed a moment before the chips (fries) were ready.


Bernie said...

Sounds and looks like your missing them already.....don't blame you. They are not only sweet but very entertaining.....enjoy your time off, xo

Mara said...

Did you have your chips with mayonaise?

I love those chicks. Do they just sell them to anybody who is interested in free eggs?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Goes to show that anyone can pick up chicks with enough corn(y) lines. Quite a clever and chic(k) post, John.

Regenia said...

I love the innocence and awe of children which you captured in the picture of Danica and JJ petting the chick. Looks like it was a wonderful, fun day.

KGMom said...

Awww--that last photo says it all.

troutbirder said...

How sweet. I remember raising Easter Chicks as a child. According to my mom in later years it didn't go well from her point of view....:)

Gina said...

Danica just has the most wonderful attitude towards life, does she not?

They are both such cuties.

Donna said...

Love the photos AND chips!Hahaa

Ginnie said...

Adorable pix of the kiddies as usual. I wouldn't have thought you were corny enough for that line about picking up chicks!