Monday, March 04, 2013

A Late Great Snow

I would like to write, The Last Great Snow, but it probably wasn't We'll likely get a few more dumpings. The difference is that they fade quickly at this time of year. Even this one, as significant as it was, was largely gone by the next day. I don't mean that the piles disappeared but that the snow was gone from the trees and streets, and life pretty well returned to the same basic, drab, winter look. But I did get some shots while the getting was still pretty good.

Our street on the morning after.
I went for a short drive to the park to see what I could see. On the way there, I stopped at a stop sign, saw this vine-covered wall, and decided to take a picture. I just rolled down the passenger window and clicked.

There are still Christmas decorations in the window.
I continued on to the park, but just stopped by the roadside and made a few clicks.

A loan walker talking on her cell phone.

The boathouse across the river thru the trees.

A lonely bench with no one to use it.
There is an old, log house at the end of the park opposite the community dock. I have trouble taking a decent photo of this place, but converting it to b&w seemed to work. I like it well enough and am willing to ignore the overheard wires.

I wonder if this will be my last winter series? Then follows the bleak time between the snow and the regrowth of vegetation.


Donna said...

These are SO Pretty Ac...I like the lady's purple coat!
It's Suppose to be 84 degrees here today...we'll see if it makes it!

Mara said...

I like the photo with the one person in it, a little bit of colour.

Perhaps the people who still have their Christmas decorations up don't want the hassle of putting it up and taking it down. It is always a bit drab to have everything taken down and then realising the place looks empty!

Hilary said...

It sure does look pretty for a brief time. Good for your for being out there at the right time. I like that lone splash of magenta in the third pic.

Lorna said...

These are gorgeous photos! Are you embarking on a second career?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

After seeing your street scene in the first photo with cars buried in snow, John, I was wondering how easily you were able to drive around. Glad you did because the snow covered shots were great and the lone walker is my favorite in this group. We are set for a deluge of rain this week, possibly some flurries by the time it ends.

Pearl said...

neat, the pink of the walking person in the could-be-black-and-white landscape.