Sunday, March 17, 2013

What We Did On March Break

Another March Break has gone into the record books. Most years, we seem to get one or two delicious weatehr days. This year, the very first day, a week ago Saturday, fit the bill pretty well as this barefooted girl will attest.

Not to be fooled, however, it was still winter as the next shot proves. Oddly enough, it was the scene directly behind me as I took the photo of the girl.

The weather didn't stay terribly nice. We did have some snow as well as some pretty cold weather. We did get out to Temple Sugar Bush with our neighbours.

The next day we drove into the city to spend some time with Lorna and Dave. It had been a year since we had seen them, so there was much to chat about. And they served a nice lunch.

And dessert.

At the end of the week, we had two days with Danica, including a sleepover. Some time ago, we purchased a grade one workbook for her. I thought we would use it this summer and that it might last for the summer. Well, she ripped thru 3+ chapters in no time flat. She's really quite amazing.

She tried on my cap.

And enjoyed an ice cream cone at McDonalds.

She helped Sue bake muffins.

And even helped washing up afterward.

It was a pretty good week.

Back to the routine tomorrow.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looked like a great week, friends and family are always a great combo.

Donna said...

My goodness, that teen's blood must be as thick as molasses!Hahaa
It's always fun to visit good friends and it's Never too early to start the school books!

Mara said...

That photo of Danica in your hat is just beautiful. She looks so grown-up already.

Jinksy said...

Now that's a seriously patchworked cap - whoever is wearing it! :)

Mary said...


I can't believe that Danica is washing dishes and baking. My, how time flies.

Glad you had a great week.