Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day With JJ

Yesterday morning, JJ decided that he needed to serve me [play] food. I don't know why he had this sudden need as he hasn't played with it for quite awhile now.

Anyway, after more than one request, I complied. He was buttering a bagel for me in this ↓ photo. Oh, supposedly that tongue thing is very grampa-like. Of course, I deny this.

Here ↓ is some of the food that I had been served when I took this picture: toast, pizza, chowder, corn, fries and vinegar. The vinegar was not for my fries. No, it was offered first — as a yummy drink if you please.. :)

I can't quite remember the circumstances of this ↓ picture, whether it has to do with food or a later activity — i.e. playing on his Nintendo DS. But I like it.

For sure there was some gaming to be done.

Later, it was time for a bit of TV. He thinks himself quite clever by being able to use the remote to search for his preferred Netflix shows.

Then it was time for more DS'ing, which can sometimes puzzle a little fella.

It's at times like this when he may ask a big fella for help. Big fella tries, but he's not really much help with games.

After I took him back to his house at the end of the day, he wanted me to play Hide N' Seek with him. He's getting much better at the game, both with the hiding and seeking. However, he still has to figure out that sound is also a giveaway.

Oh, and I missed the part where he gets to play on pbskids on my computer. We also had some time outside shovelling snow. He is beginning to grasp the concept that we must throw it off the driveway and not onto it.

I must say that he is at a very cute stage.


Kila said...

Aww, what a great day! I miss those toddler/preschooler years.

Love the cheery yellow on your walls.

Lorna said...

cute indeed.

Donna said...

You need to be practicing playing those games when he's not there...Hahaaa...
Love the shots! He's a Doll!

Mary Gilmour said...

He's a gorgeous kid - and lucky to have a grandfather with tolerance for drinking vinegar.

Diana said...

It sounds like everyone is well up your way and doing good! Glad to see all of the creative fun going on. He certainly is growing, in more ways than one! Love Di ♥

KGMom said...

AC--my vote is that every stage with each of your sweet grandkids has been a "cute stage."
They are lovely, indeed, and you are the best grandfather to them--which is what they will remember for all time!

Ginnie said...

Even though you MUST say he's at a cute stage I have to agree with you and that's without it being a "must" for me !

Gina said...

You two match in that last picture! So cute!

Hilary said...

He is a sweetie. You have lovely grandkidlets.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like it was a fun day for younguns and older folks too, John. And kids seem to be much more adept at those video games from watching our 6 year old grandson.

troutbirder said...

Ah the creativity of young children. Precious indeed...:)

btw this years movies were so much better than last year.