Sunday, February 24, 2013


JJ had his first solo sleepover here last night. He's slept over once previously with his sister and, of course, spend much time here during weekdays.

He was as good as gold if I may borrow an ancient and trite phrase.

Danica has had many sleepovers, and, by golly, she keeps us on our toes, but we hardly knew JJ was here much of the time. Last night, he simply went to bed and to sleep at bedtime. We didn't have to lie with him, sing with him, or sleep with him. He slept in until past 7:30 this morning, and then played quietly in bed and room for several hours. He didn't even want breakfast for a long time.

Playing on his Nintendo DS in bed this morning.

Danica is a whole different kettle of fish or ball of wax. She always makes her presence know in a big way, bless her heart.

A wild and crazy girl was ready for Crazy Hair Day at school on Friday.

Love them both but what opposites.


Hilary said...

I suspect you need the rest that JJ provides after the exertion of Danica's presence.

Somewhere, I have similar photos of my boys on crazy hair day.. We even included face paint and feathers.. on the hair - not the face.

Lorna said...

funny how that works. Emma and Julia are the same in that they're not the same, they're opposites.

Donna said...

Funny how kids can be raised the same and be SO different...ah well, such is life thank goodness!
Sweet photos!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Good as gold is a strange expression for "well behaved". Perhaps "quiet as a church mouse" is more appropriate.

It is nice he is comfortable with his own company and a little solitude. I imagine he interior life is very active.

Shammickite said...

Crazy hair day looks like fun. Of course, that would be me every day! Love ther pictures of your two very different grandchildren. I also think it shows the difference between girls and boys. I have girl/boy grandtwins.... the little girl is much livelier than the liitle boy. Until we put on that Korean Gangnam style music and the he dances up a storm!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

John, we wanted to know if JJ could take a trip to RI and show our grandson how to lie quietly. Granddaughter Ellie is much like Danica and at an earlier age...17 months.

Kila said...

LOL, what a great little guy. :)