Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Of Limpers and Gimpers

Alert: this post contains a Downton Abbey Spoiler.

Season three of Downton Abbey has ended for our clan, a few days later than for most others. We have been recording it and watching it on Wednesday evenings with Shauna. Mostly, she has come to the old folks' place, and so it was tonight.

The program was proceeding at a slower pace than usual, but, although I had tried to avert my eyes, it's difficult to avoid coming across some Spoilers in the social media. Therefore, I knew that something major was impending. Ever since Sunday, as soon as I saw that a Facebook post, for example, had something to do with the program, I desperately tried to move on without reading, but I glimpsed something about Matthew one time and something about a death at another time, and ... well ... I'm not as stupid as I look. ;)

I did manage to keep my guess a secret, so, although the ending didn't shock me, it certainly shocked and disappointed both Sue and Shauna.

What I really wanted to share with you, however, is how funny the three of us are after any given episode. As we collectively rise, particularly from the two hour episodes, we sigh, groan and grumble, greatly resembling a trio of Bates (the somewhat crippled servant for the non Downton crowd). You see, all three of us tend to hobble about. As seniors, Sue and I have every right to limp and gimp after a long sit, but poor Sha also totters on bad feet.

You see, around the time of her fortieth birthday a few months past, the girl developed a major case of plantar fasciitis. Oddly enough, that is exactly what happened to me around the same time of life. I am happy to say that after twenty-five years of wearing orthotics, my heel spurs are no worse now than they were then and probably somewhat better. But Shauna seems to have at least as bad a case if not worse. Yes: worse, I think.

Perhaps we three should invest in Bates-like canes.

PS: If you haven't watched Downton Abbey, just what have you been doing with your life?


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

One of these days, I will take the time to start watching this series. The spoiler alert therefore did me no harm. I will most likely forget all about it by then. I have had problems from the same foot problem and also worn orthotics in my sports shoes. And they have helped to a Crain degree.

Donna said...

As SOON as I saw him driving back to the house on that skinny little road...I KNEW...Should be interesting to see things develop between her and her Dad now over the money...will she Now give it to him>Hummmmmm

Ruth said...

Such a sad ending. I was very unhappy! I bought season 3 on DVD because I missed some episodes when I was away including the first tragic death. Not so sure I want to watch them all. Plantar fasciitis spells the end of fashionable female footwear and the beginning of orthotics for life. I know. But it could be worse.

Lorna said...

A glorious series!! I'm modelling my future on Grandmama

Shammickite said...

I knew something was going to happen to Matthew as he wasn't renewing his contract for a 4th season, But killing him off seems a bit severe. Especially after poor Sybil's sudden demise. Matthew's had a rough life at Downton.... on again, off again romance with Lady Mary, finacee dies of the flu, then injured in the war, crippled never to walk again, a miraculous recovery, then all that fuss about the inheritance from dead fiancee's father, and now dying on the same day his son and heir makes it into the world. I think I'll call it Downer Abbey from now on.

Regenia said...

I was just too tired to watch the episode, which was okay because Allan recorded it for me. He went ahead and watched it, however. When he told me the next day that he would be very interested in my reaction I knew something was up. But killing off Matthew!!! I'm still a little frustrated!

Jimmie Earl said...

I just watched season 1 on Netflix then got season 2 at the library. I totally have gotten hooked. But I have to wait until season 3 comes out on video to get caught up. I know that Matthew died, which saddens me, but I don't want to know anything else that happened.
My two cousins, who are gals in their late 50s and I are going to start a family chapter of a Downtoners Support Group. We plan to meet soon for tea and scones. I guess the rest of my life has been spent uselessly watching time fly. What more can I say.