Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Penultimate Day of Summer with Both Kids

Danica heads back to school on Tuesday, so we tried to do more than just hang around the house on our last two days with her — Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, we took them back to the Mill of Kintail. We had thought to walk in the woods, but the kids spent most of their time playing on the equipment, particularly the bars mostly intended for older kids and adults who are working on their fitness.

In this first shot they stand on part of the apparatus of the former mill.
The cloister is in the background.

The next three pictures show them playing on the exercise bars. I alternated between least monochrome and colour.

This was certainly my fave of the day. While I have chosen to post the sepia version, it looks good in colour too.


Donna said...

Love all of these Ac! I only wish I had that kind of energy!Hahaaa

Diana said...

Oh yes the first and last one were my favorites! Very good A.C.
Love Di ♥

KGMom said...

The daring of these two is very evident in the photos. Is older sister the leader, the instigator?

Hilary said...

Very cute. I'm sure you'll miss all your time with them once school starts.

Lorna said...

Do either of those kids ever take a bad photo? Not to take away from your skill as a photographer, but amazing photos look like slam-dunk chez vous

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, my choice is also the last photo. The daring of youth is clearly evident here and can be exhaustive just in the viewing. It's clear from this week's posts that everyone had some fine outings.