Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Celtfest 2012

I am still on vacay but decided that I should pre-post this. It's been a month since Celtfest, and I've neglected to put up any pics. Usually, I get down to it almost right away but decided to wait until everything was ready this time around -- photos Flickr-ed, videos edited and uploaded etc.

The newest version of Photoshop solves a problem for me because it enables basic video editing right inside the program. It does a reasonable job for basic editing and works pretty much the way that photos work in Photoshop, so I don't have to learn a new program. Generally, all I want to do my my clips is to splice them together (as I did on some recent videos of the kids in the pool) or add some titles with some fades as I did in most of the following clips. Nothing too fancy.

 However, lets begin with one static photo which shows the headline group of the two-day event, The Elders. This was the group that performed at our very first Celtfest six years ago. I was pleased as punch to know they were returning as they have been my favourite Celtfest act.

The Elders from left to right: Stven Phillips, Brent Hoad, Ian Byrne.

The above photo is also in this following Flickr slideshow of all of the photos that I chose to keep from Celtfest. Of course, this is a basic, non-music, non-special effects slideshow. You can click the symbol to the bottom right to see the larger, pop-out version (recommended). Also, you may click here to go through the set one at a time at your own pace.

Now, for some videos that I mentioned up top. This first is one of the amateur ensembles that can be found in the local area, Les Mots Dits d'Anglais, which means something like Words Said in English. The reason for the odd name is that it is mostly a group of English musicians fiddling in the French Canadian style. I think they are probably the best of the local amateur groups, but all of the groups have their own charm. It's a long clip, but you can get the flavour by playing it for a short time (as is the case with all of the clips) if you wish before you move on to your busy lives.

Julie Fitzgerald is a master fiddler, but she shows off her step dancing in this clip. Ottawa Valley style step dancing is quite enthusiastic and energetic. If you are not familiar with this style, have a look at part of the video.

This clip features the fiddler, Brent Hoad, of The Elders; he is having himself quite a fine fiddle. Fun stuff.

The Elders perform the title track of their latest CD, Wanderin' Life & Times.

Often, the kids will dance near the front, just below the stage, but on Sunday afternoon, near the end of the weekend, The Elders invited them to dance onstage. I didn't catch much, but it was fun and, as you will see, brought the parental cameras out en masse.

And so, Celtfest ended for another year. This was my seventh consecutive Celtfest after moving to this area. It's a hilite that we look forward to every year.


Donna said...

There's a lot to listen to! I'll play them when I do my filing here at the office! Thanks...
Looks like a fun time!

Diana said...

I remember you posting about this A.C. It sure looks like a lot of fun!
Love Di ♥

Lorna said...

Next year, when you see this pop up in your calendar, please send me an invite.