Saturday, August 25, 2012

Learning to Pole Slide

The other day at the park was a first for both children as they figured out how to slide down a pole. They probably could have done this sooner, but I was too nervous. They were fine, but I was nervous.

Danica talks and directs through this whole almost two-minute video.

JJ can do it too, but he needs help getting his shorter legs to the pole. I can't very well hold the camera while helping him, but Sue took a series of pictures that I have strung together into a sort of movie. This one is only 3 soundless seconds long.


Ginnie said...

I've just caught up on your last 3 entries, AC. I love them all but my computer is DSL and way too slow to get videos. One of these days I'll get with the 21st century but please keep showing the photos...the children are adorable and the old gramps is OK too.

Lorna said...

a great film future for them both.

Donna said...

What??? She GAVE YOU instructions on how to slide down that pole!!!
Where's the Video???Hahahaaa

Love the edits on these!

Hilary said...

She is a hoot! :)