Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Odd Situation

I had a slightly strange experience the other day. It bothers me a little, so let me tell you about it. It's not dramatic, but it unsettled me a little.

I took JJ to the playground early in the afternoon. There was some sort of daycare group presnt, perhaps 18 kids aged 4 and 5 and four supervisors although one wasn't present for the whole time.

JJ went onto the equipment while I unfurled my camp chair, preparing for a quiet and pleasant read in the shade while he used up some of his energy. It was not to be.

Immediately, I was beset by five children, nice little children, who were fascinated with me and almost on top of me. They were curious, asking me all sorts of questions, particularly about my grandson and my hearing aids.

So, here's a stranger in the park, and, apparently, all of the supervisors seemingly quite satisfied that their charges were all within touching distance. Indeed, some of the children were not to shy to touch the stranger. Said adults weren't even bothering to maintain a strict vigil, for it seemed to me that they were scarcely looking in my direction.

I guess I should take it as a compliment that I seem like an innocuous and kindly grandfather, which is exactly what I am, but I am still bothered by the fact that they didn't have the children keep a safe distance from me. Actually, they should have done this for both our sakes because someone should be able to go to the park for a quiet time without being harassed by hordes of children. It's not that I really minded the company, but the situation just didn't sit quite right with me.

JJ also seemed to be a bit spooked because he soon left the equipment and curled up silently on my lap and stared at the ground without interacting with the other children. Perhaps he was establishing prior claim to his grandfather. I don't know.


MARY G said...

That is more than a bit weird, yes. At the very least, the supervisors should have come over to you and asked if you were being bothered by the kids, (giving them a chance to assess you). You could have been a child molester with a captive child as decoy after all.
Sad that your and JJ's playtime was spoiled.

RVVagabond said...

Agree with Mary G; although you have an open, friendly face there are just too many creepy folks out there and the supervisors should have been more watchful.

Too bad the little one's afternoon was spoiled also.

Donna said...

Well, If I had been there, those "supervisors" would have found out quickly that they needed to pick up the pace! That whole situation was a Huge NoNo! Sorry that it hampered your visit!
I'm upset and I wasn't even There!Hahaa

Diana said...

I don't think it's strange at all for the simple fact that good help is hard to find now a days. Maybe not so hard to find as people just aren't taught proper manners and or etiquette as in days past. I don't feel that child care is exempt from this.

I'm not saying that everyone with a job fits into this category but it does seem that manners and such have gone to the wayside.

I also feel that it was a darn good thing that you are who you are as opposed to a perverted stranger!!

I probably would have said something to the caregivers of these children but I'm not known for being shy!!

I also think you were right to feel how you did A.C. Again it's a good thing that you are a kindly grandfather!!

Love Di ♥

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ac, I agree with the previous comments and second Diana's suggestions that a word to the supervisors or their supervisors is in order. True, you would not harm a child, but with so many child abductions in the news, the next person might not be so kindly.

Lorna said...

You live in a small town---maybe that's the difference in attitude towards a lone grandfatherly man in a park. Here's a solution: make JJ go to the park by himself, while you stay home and read. Or take a snarling dog who loves you and JJ. Or take up smoking.

I really must stop taking advantage of your posts to get a little internet time.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am less concerned with making children afraid of strangers, (they are most at risk with close friends and family. What concerns me that they were allowed to bother you. Children need to learn that in shared public space they have a responsibility to respect others privacy or solitude. This does not apply just to adults; other children's space needs to be respected. What if some older children took over younger childrens game of kick ball and essentially ruined it for the younger children. We need to ask or be invited to enter other peoples "space".

Bernie said...

I understand how this situation didn't sit right with you AC, I would feel much the same way. Perhaps they were watching the interaction between you and the children and knew they were safe but then they should of allowed for your privacy......:-)Hugs

Kila said...

I can definitely see kids being drawn to you. :)

Hilary said...

I think we often go overboard with our worries and fears. I wanted my kids to exercise caution but never wanted them to believe that there was evil lurking in every lone man on a street corner or park bench. Certainly, I would be keeping an eye out and would have asked the kidlets to allow the nice man some quiet time. They need to learn that respect of others. But I can see why kidlets would be drawn to you. You're a natural.

Pearl said...

It sounds lovely that they aren't infected/infested with the threat from anyone virus.

I suppose you could have pied pipered over to the caregivers or waved one over.

I saw in the wading pool a kid using his dad as a ride scooting around then thru his legs and then there were three kids joining in. the whole pool didn't get rerouted thru him tho.