Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last Day on the School Bus

Well ... that year went quickly. It seems as though we were just putting her on the bus for her first day of school, and lo it was time for the last ride.

It charms me how she takes my hand on most mornings for out walk to the bus stop.
We turned to give Grandma a wave.

On most mornings, JJ has felt it to be his duty to accompany us to the bus stop.

Are the days of weird, forced camera smiles over? What a delightful smile!

She's always happy to get on the bus and usually has a few gems to pass on to the bus driver.

I didn't quite capture it, but on most mornings I get a smile and a wave as the bus pulls off.
I know I have never said it before, but I love this kid!! So now you know.


Mara said...

Doesn't time fly? It seems only yesterday that you first showed us photos of her going to school. Pretty soon she will be in High School!

Hilary said...

I never would have guessed. :)

I remember those first and last day obligatory photos with my own kidlets. So nice that you get to enjoy those milestones with your grands.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, YES we DO all know that!

Diana said...

I think we know how much you love this beautiful child A.C.
You are a wonderful grandpa and N.D. is so, so lucky to have you!
Love Di ♥

Mary said...

That is an absolutely awesome picture of smudge! She's growing so fast!

These are great pictures, J. Love them...and all of you!

Mary said...

Happy Summer!

Donna said...

Awwww! How sweet! Those babies take the Best photos!

Regenia said...

You should be charmed when she takes your hand to walk to the bus stop. The picture where she is hanging on to your hand and leaning against you is touching. And I love the picture of her and her brother. They are beautiful children. Truly.
I also got a kick out of the backpacks. They are almost as big as their owners! Was JJ going somewhere with his or was he just taking his to the bus stop because that is what his big sister does?